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To Renovate or to Buy New?

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It’s a question that we hear a lot at the moment; to buy a new build or to renovate? With house prices rising faster than they have in a decade, it’s a decision a lot of new buyers are looking to make quickly. To help get some perspective, we chatted to Carmen and Alicia, who are renovating and buying new respectively, and asked them a few questions about the process.

The first question we asked was how they went about making this difficult decision; what was it that swayed them towards a new-build or a renovation? For Carmen, the dream was originally to ‘self-build’ her own home, but she encountered issues due to a lack of land in her area, so she decided on extensively renovating an existing property. Alicia, on the other hand, likes ‘the convenience of a new build’ for a few reasons; it’s a ‘blank canvas’ that she can make her own, and she was early enough in the process to choose some design elements herself. Practically speaking, it came with an NHBC warranty and she was eligible for the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme as a first-time homeowner.     

The biggest question a lot of people have about new builds versus renovation is about the time; does it take longer to put together a whole home from scratch, or to update an existing home? Carmen has found the process to be ‘much slower’ than she had expected, ‘due to requiring specialist services like structural engineers’, who are so busy right now that getting drawings and calculations has taken much longer than it should have. All in all, the project should take about 8 more months.  Alicia did have to wait for around 5 months before she could exchange, but she’s all set to move in soon- because she chose a new-build, she didn’t have to manage contractors and engineers in the same way.

Renovations, it has to be said,  can allow for more creative freedom; Carmen will be adding a new driveway, moving her front door, enlarging the windows and adding a new, open plan kitchen, as well as switching up the layout of the first floor. This is often much more possible with renovations, especially when the home you’ve bought is fairly old, because you can get the bare bones for much cheaper and have more money and time left for renovation. It’s also important to note that some new- builds are freeholds, meaning that you’ll have to get permission from the landlord before you make any changes. 

We also asked both women if they’ve encountered issues they weren’t expecting to encounter. Alicia did have a slight issue with changing mortgage requirements during the pandemic, but other than that hasn’t had ‘many issues at all’. Carmen was not only surprised by how difficult it was to get specialist opinions, she also had a difficult time sourcing some of the building materials she was going to need, due to shortages.

Finally, what did our influencers wish that they had known before they started on this process? Alicia felt that her research had been really helpful, and she wasn’t necessarily surprised by anything in the process. She did wish that she’d known what her monthly outgoings were going to be for this project, but overall she’s not has any huge surprises. Carmen wished that she knew in advance how long it would take to get drawings and surveys done, so that she could have begun the process much sooner.

Both options come with positives and negatives, and the ‘right’ choice for you depends entirely on what you want most out of your new home, where you’re looking to buy and how much time and money you want to pour into the process. If you’re looking for more advice, or a more in-depth look at the process, you can find Carmen at @hometransformed and Alicia at @myfirsthomeisasouter.

Holidaying at home this summer? Here are five décor aesthetics from around Europe.

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If you’re bored of staying at home by now and starting to dream of far-off places, you might be thinking about bringing some of that holiday feel into your home.  A great place to start is by considering what makes those places feel so beautiful and unique, and bringing some of those elements into your interior design, so for this week’s blog, we thought we’d have a look at five places around Europe, and what makes their design aesthetics so recognisable.


You can’t really talk European décor without starting off in Scandinavia with Scandi design, a minimalist movement defined by simple, functional objects in neutral tones. This is probably the easiest style to emulate in your own home- all you really need is some great storage for your clutter and to reduce the amount of different tones and colours in your décor until you have something that feels cosy and minimalistic. The downside, of course, is that because Scandi design is so popular here it’s less likely to create the holiday feel you might be looking for.


If you’ve seen Tuscany, either in real life or online, you’ll know that its particular charm comes from mixing traditional Mediterranean elements with a rustic, cottagecore feel. They’re also build with an eye towards natural elements and reducing the heat, so you’ll find lots of terracotta touches, exposed brickwork and wood. The colours used are earth tones; warm yellows and greens which complement the surrounding countryside.


Spanish interiors take on a similar style to Italy in being influenced by the surrounding countryside, and you’ll find similar terracotta touches, which help to keep homes cool. You’ll also want to incorporate touches of traditional Spanish crafts- ornate ceramic and carved wooden touches are all common, as well as woven textures.


Where other European countries tend to keep things simple, French interiors are a little more maximalist. In Paris, interiors shy away from looking too curated, preferring that their interiors look a bit less ‘try hard’ and more natural. When rural, they tend to go for bright, clean spaces, with neutral palettes.


German design, which is more similar perhaps to Scandinavian than European design, values simple, clean lines in utilitarian materials. It doesn’t tend to foreground luxury; instead, homes are functional, minimal spaces to rest and relax in.

How to Make A Dark Room Brighter, In Five Easy Steps

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Sometimes when the seasons change and the weather gets brighter, it becomes a lot more obvious that certain spaces are just dark all of the time, regardless of how bright it is outside. This could be because they’re at an awkward angle, or because they don’t have large enough windows, but it’s often caused, or at least made worse, by interior design choices. However, it’s also possible to solve or mask the issue by making small changes to the way you’ve decorated a room, that will trick the eye into thinking that it’s seeing more light than it actually is. If you’re trying to make a dark room brighter, here are some easy tricks that will help.

Light Sources

Whilst the obvious solution is to get a really bright light for the space, that won’t actually work as well as filling the space with lots of different light sources.  One bright light can cast harsh shadows and doesn’t create the same ambience as sunlight does. A better solution is to augment the light with accent lights, which will create a warm glow that adds depth and allows you to adjust the lighting.

Paint Colours

You’ll want to go for pale colours, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to whites and creams. You can also add cool, bright colours like blues, yellows and pinks, which will add contrast whilst still seeming bright and sunny. In terms of colours you should keep away from, greys and darker tones will not reflect as much light and so won’t have as great an effect.


You’ll want to get furniture that comes in cool, pale shades- colours that reflect light back to create the illusion of a well lit space. It’s also worth considering furniture with a glossy finish, because those will reflect the most light back and work best in a dark space. We’ve got some great options available on our site that will allow you to create a brighter space without sacrificing anything in the way of style.

Add Contrast

Don’t go for an all-white space! Darker contrast tones help to make the light shades seem lighter, and the contrast is what draws the eye. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a space that feels impersonal and unforgiving.


There’s no point in getting the right furniture, pairing it with the best colour, and then ruining your hard work with lots of clutter. Clean spaces reflect more light and are generally more calming, and clutter can make a space feel cramped and shadowy. We’d recommend getting some hidden storage that could help your room to feel clear and bright.

Images courtesy of @housewifeshome


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We’re starting a new series for this blog! Every few weeks we’ll cover a topic related to design or to sleep, in a segment we’re calling Arista Explains.  Today we’re covering one of the most basic parts of interior design; picking out colours.

There are some colour schemes that always work well- neutrals and cream tones are never difficult to put together and to make look good, but if you want to push the envelope a little, you need a working understanding of colour theory. Colour theory works by analysing the colour wheel, which you’ll have seen loads of in art classes at school. You can use the wheel to find colour combinations that work well together by using three different methods.

Triadic colour palettes are three colours evenly spaced on the wheel, like orange, purple and blue, which create a high contrast, bright palette.

Complementary colours are opposite on the wheel, like blue and orange or red and green, and are great high-contrast accent colours.

Analogous colours sit next to each other on the wheel and complement each other well- these are great for creating whole spaces and are really soothing when placed next to each other.

Whilst triadic and complementary colours do work, they can be really difficult to balance correctly, so they’re probably not ideal for a beginner. Analogous colours, however, are super easy to use and to do well, so they’re a really good bet for someone who’s just starting out in interiors.

A lot of the rooms you’ve seen and loved on our Instagram use this theory really well- take for example this space, from @at_home_with_clo, who uses a salmon pink and a forest green, complementary colours, to add contrast to her space. The reason this looks so soft and glamorous, rather than being overwhelming, is that she’s very careful to balance things out with a warm, neutral cream shade.

Another amazing example is this room from @dougs.digs- they’ve gone for a warm brown colour scheme, and they’ve been careful to use lots of different complementary tones. What this does is stop the room from feeling flat by adding visual interest and texture.

When you put it all into words, it can sometimes sound way more complicated than it actually is; the truth is that you’re probably already doing this subconsciously, so if this feels daunting, choose to see it more as a troubleshooting tool. Colour theory is an amazing way of figuring out why a space isn’t working well for you, and figuring out what to add or subtract, but don’t let it stifle your creativity or force you into an interior design box.

Here Comes The Sun; 6 Trends We Think Will Dominate Summer 2021

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We’ve reached May Bank Holiday, which means that summer is just around the corner. It might just be because the weather is miserable, but we’re starting to look forward to sunny days ahead, and, more importantly, summery interiors. So, whilst we wait for the sunshine to come back, we’re taking a look at the trends we think will define this summer.

Eco- friendly living

Every day we become more conscious of the impact we’re having on our planet, and we adjust our ways of living accordingly, so it’s no surprise that we’re expecting to see more eco-conscious materials and fewer plastic items. Instead, people will opt for things that can bio-degrade naturally over a period of time.

Flexible Spaces

The world might be returning to some degree of normalcy, but people don’t seem to be flooding back into office spaces. Instead, we’re opting for home spaces that work for both our business and personal lives, with lots of people choosing to invest in dividers or other ways to section a space.

 Luxury Living

This might seem like something that doesn’t really count as a trend, but a year spent indoors has convinced people to splash out a little on their surroundings, so we’re seeing a shift towards comfort and style over utilitarianism.


Japandi is a fairly new idea- a combination of both Scandi and Japanese decorating styles, mixing pared-back Scandi style with ornamental Japanese touches for a beautiful minimalist finish.


We’ve discussed bringing the outside in before on this blog, but it bears repeating that it’s been one of the biggest trends of lockdown; plants can make enclosed spaces feel more natural, and they’ve been proven to purify the air and make you feel calmer.

DIY Décor

No doubt you’ll have seen some amazing DIY decorating over social media in the past year- and chances are you’ve probably seen some less successful versions. Lots of elements we’re seeing take over now are a result of these transformations; things like DIY Panelling, murals and painted furniture.

Image courtesy of @at_home_with_chlo

Spotlight on A Trend; Neutrals

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In all our time writing this blog, it’s a miracle we’ve never covered the one topic we’re most qualified to talk about; neutrals. We’re big fans of a clean, neutral colour palette, and if you’re following us, the chances are that you are too, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about why neutrals are such a great interior design option.

Firstly, they’re really easy to put together and maintain. If you’ve ever decorated a room with neutrals, you’ll know how simple it is- all you have to do is decide on warm or cool tones, and then stick within that range of colours. This makes the whole decorating process much easier, and leaves you with far more options for buying the things you need.

The beauty of neutrals is also that they’re timeless; you won’t wake up in a week or two, realise a trend has passed, and then hate the room you’ve created. Unlike cow-print this year, or the ‘millenial pink’ from two years ago, neutrals will still be beautiful and understated in five, ten or fifteen years, so you aren’t going to waste money and then fall behind. Plus, they’re really easy to do on a budget, and they’ll always look put-together and expensive.

Last, but definitely not least, neutral spaces are really calming; the muted tones mean that whilst you’re still in a beautiful space, they aren’t jarring or overwhelming. This means that it’s a great colour scheme for spaces like bedrooms, which should be as relaxing and calm as they are beautiful.

So how do you put together a good neutral room?

Like we said earlier, you’ll want to think about which variety of neutral you’re going for; warm toned or cool toned? If you’re not sure what the difference is, warm tones are colours like beiges and warm browns, whereas cooler tones are colours like greys and whites. Either can be beautiful, buy you’ll want to stick with the same colour family, or things will look muddy.

Secondly, you’ll want to stop the room from feeling flat by adding in depth; this comes with texture and lighting. For example, you might want to consider furniture that’s got visual interest; our headboards combine neutral tones with visually interesting textures and finishes so that your room doesn’t feel flat.

You’ll also want to think about storage; neutral rooms aren’t the best suited to lots of colourful clutter, so hidden storage like cabinets or ottomans are great options that allow your space to still feel put-together and easy to maintain.

If you do put together a neutral room you love, and you use one of our beds to complete the look, we want to hear about it! Post it on Instagram and tag us, or use the hashtag #aristaliving, and you’ll be in with a chance to see your image on our grid!

Image courtesy of @sammiesvictorianhome

How Do I Figure Out My Design Aesthetic?

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If you’ve ever wanted to create a room inspired by something you’ve seen, and then struggled to put your finger on what exactly that style of interior décor is called, and whether or not it’s even an established aesthetic at all, you’re having the same problem a lot of people have.

We have so much more inspiration around us on social media than we’ve ever had access to before, and that has made interior design a lot easier and more creative. It’s also made it a lot harder to put a label on what you’re seeing. If you’re totally stuck on how to find more spaces that inspire you, here’s how to figure out what aesthetic you’re going for.

Firstly, keep the things that inspire you somewhere, like an album or moodboard, so that you can refer back to them as you do this. Make sure that you know what it is about each of these things that you like; is it the colour palette, or the furnishings, or just the general design?

Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with some of the vocabulary we use to talk about design- terms like classic, modern, eclectic, minimalist etc. The chances are that the thing you’re looking for is actually an already existing aesthetic, and it’s probably called some combination of those terms. Here are a few of the most common ones, and what they mean, but you can find more detailed reports on some of them in our previous posts.

Here are a few questions you could ask:

  • Is the space designed with an eye for functionality?

If it’s functional and sparse, it’s probably somewhere on the spectrum of minimalism, and if it’s functional, but still cozy, you might be looking at an example of scandi design.

  • What materials are being used?

Different design aesthetics use different materials, so it’s a great way of figuring out what you’re trying to find. Contemporary design, for example, uses modern, clean materials, whereas industrial design is characterised by exposed brick and metalwork.

  • Is the space aesthetically cohesive?

If the space feels less restrained than most, it might be an example of eclectic design, which prides itself on spaces that feel cluttered but in a visually satisfying way.

Once you’ve found a few terms that feel like they fit, start searching! If you’re lucky, the thing you’re looking for will literally be named some combination of those terms- for example, a cluttered, vintage aesthetic is literally named vintage maximalism.

If it’s your own style you’re trying to decide, there are also loads of great internet quizzes that will help you to narrow down your aesthetic by asking you to pick which image you prefer. They’re not the most accurate, and they don’t leave much room for more niche aesthetics , but they’re a great starting point.

If you’re still not sure where you can find the look you’re searching for, try social media! Our page, for example, collates loads of images from people with lots of aesthetics, and once you’ve found the aesthetic you want, you’ll be able to find similar accounts more easily.

Finally, remember that it’s fine if you can’t find the thing you’re looking for. Like we said earlier, we have way more inspiration around us now than ever, and it might genuinely be that the look you want is just a little more niche than most. Don’t let that stop you from creating a space you love.

 Images courtesy of @kyreecunning

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Picking Out The Right Mattress

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- sleep is the most important part of your day. Whilst you’re asleep, your body works overtime to keep you healthy, which means that how you sleep and how long you sleep for impacts how healthy and happy you are more than anything else does. This is the absolute most important thing to keep in mind when you’re picking a mattress- you’ll want something that supports your body as it sleeps and minimises the strain on your muscles and joints.

 So how do you pick the right one?

The first thing to consider is how you sleep- you’ll want something that minimises the amount of damage your chosen position will do, so that you don’t wake up stiff and sore. It’s also about comfort- if  you sleep on your front, for example, a soft mattress will cause you to sink and feel hot.

As a general rule of thumb, a soft mattress is perfect for someone who sleeps on their side, because sleeping on your side puts a lot of pressure on your hips and shoulders, and the extra cushioning helps to relieve some of the strain.

Medium mattresses are a great one-size-fits-all, so if you move around a lot in your sleep, or tend to sleep in a lot of different positions, this can be a really great one to try out.

Finally, firm mattresses are perfect if you sleep on your front or your back, because they provide support that stops you from sinking and putting your spine in a strange position.

Other Things To Consider…

Whilst what position you sleep in is one of the most important considerations, there are lots of other things that you should take into account when you pick out a mattress.

 For example, are you someone who overheats in your sleep? If you are then you’ll want something with cooling foam on the top so that your mattress isn’t making you too hot to sleep.

Do you have a partner who tosses and turns all night? If your sleep is regularly disturbed by your partner coming and going, you’ll want something with pocket coils that will minimise the amount the mattress shifts when they move, so that you find it easier to stay asleep.

Finally, there are also practical considerations. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult to buy a mattress at a store, especially considering that they are likely to come full-size and be difficult to transport. Lots of services, like our own, will deliver your mattress in a box so you don’t have to worry about COVID-Secure shopping or transporting it home on your own.

If you’re worried about ordering the right mattress online, look for a service that offers a trial period- lots of companies will take the mattress back and issue a refund if you don’t find it comfortable.

Images courtesy of @lucyloveshome_


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We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the first shutdown, and whilst it seems like it’s been much, much, much longer, we’re also starting to think about the fact that we’ve been living in the same space for a whole year now, and  the way we use those spaces has changed, perhaps permanently. If you’re anything like us, you’re also probably beginning to reflect on how much you’ve changed since lockdowns first begun, and thinking that perhaps your home should reflect who you are now. Here are some great ideas that might help your home to feel a little more pandemic-friendly.

Creating a Positive Workspace

 Our homes aren’t just places we return to eat, sleep and relax in, they’re now also the places we work from. It doesn’t look like we’ll see a return to office environments soon, so maybe now is the time to start thinking about creating a workspace that works for you. If you find it difficult to concentrate whilst at home, try creating a space that will help you to keep focused- you can do this by maximising your hidden storage, so that you aren’t constantly distracted by things near to you, and by incorporating sunlight and foliage so that the space seems more lively and natural.

Prioritising Your Mental Health

It’s also important to think about creating a space that promotes positive mental health- it’s doubly hard to be locked down if your space is causing you anxiety or stress. Try installing mirrors to reflect and double the natural sunlight, and invest in good hidden storage so that you can avoid living in clutter. If you’re thinking of fully renovating, you could also try to add contrast between spaces, so that you feel that you’re moving around over the course of a day, rather than staying in the same or similar spaces.

Refresh The Spaces You Spend the Most Time In

We touched on this earlier, but if you’ve spent the past year ‘commuting’ from your bed to your workspace, and you don’t want to get stuck into redecorating your whole home, try just replacing the key objects- especially your bed and your desk. The average person spends approximately a third of their life in bed and a further third at work, so refreshing these spaces will make a world of difference.  If you’re looking to replace your bed, we have some incredible deals available on our site, including giving you a mattress half price when you buy your bed from us.

Bringing the Outside In

This might seem obvious, but plants can completely change the way we view a space, especially subconsciously- there are real mental health benefits to bringing nature indoors. On a physical level, green plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is good for both you and the planet.

Lots of these things seem small, but small changes can sometimes make a world of difference, especially when you’ve been stuck at home for a while. With any luck, you’ll also be renovating so that your home feels fresh and new for when life opens back up again. Even if that isn’t the case, it will still feel great to have a home that reflects who you are now.


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The weather is finally starting to warm up and the days are getting a little longer, which means one thing; it’s spring cleaning season. If you’re also wanting a fresh start as the seasons change but are struggling to work up the motivation to clean, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled 6 great tips below to help you work up the motivation to get the job done.

Break It Down

If you’re not the sort of person who likes cleaning, then you should think about breaking the job into manageable chunks and then making a realistic plan for how you’ll attack it. Try beginning with the room that requires the most work and then working your way downwards.


If you live in a household with other people, get started on delegating tasks so that the cleaning goes faster; rather than have everyone working on one room, you could try dividing tasks – one person handles the floors, someone else deals with the kitchen and bathroom, and someone else declutters. This way nobody does the whole thing on their own, and the cleaning goes much faster.

Get Some Good Storage

Trust us, the cleaning will go much faster if you don’t constantly have to find places for things you don’t have room for. You’d be surprised how much some furniture with built-in storage can actually store- our Extra Storage Ottomans, for example, are capable of holding a lot of stuff whilst still looking stylish. If you can sort and store your clutter rather than just moving it around, your home will look and feel lighter and the job will go a lot faster.

Work in Short Bursts

If you feel like it’s a massive mountain to climb, just work in short bursts- set yourself a timer for fifteen minutes, and just get as much done as you can in that time. If the timer runs out and you still feel demotivated, you can set it aside for another day, but more often than not you’ll get much more done than you think you will, and it’ll help motivate you to carry on.

Treat Yourself

Buy yourself something to look forward to once you’ve finished; whether this is some good chocolate or something to pamper yourself with, it’ll make you feel like you’re working towards something.

Find Something To Listen To

The process will go much, much faster if you’ve got something to occupy your brain. You could listen to music you love, but we’d particularly recommend putting on a podcast and getting lost in a story- our favourites include ‘Something True’ and ‘This American Life’.


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Sleep is a bit of a buzzword in health right now. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of how important it actually is to our health and wellbeing, but what we do know is that it’s pretty much the most important thing we do in a day. What we often don’t realise is that it’s not just how much sleep you’re getting that matters; it’s how high-quality that sleep is, so just resolving to go to bed earlier isn’t always enough to reap any benefits.

How will you know if you’re getting high-quality sleep?

 Being tired is the obvious sign, but there are other, less obvious ones that you might be missing. As a general rule of thumb, you’re getting good quality sleep if you can get to sleep in less than half an hour, and don’t wake up more than once a night, your sleep quality is probably pretty good. If you aren’t, you won’t just feel tired; you’re more at risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

So how can you improve your sleep?

Keep Regular Sleeping Hours

If you have an erratic sleep schedule, i.e. you sleep different hours at different times every night, your body won’t be able to tell when it’s time to switch off and start to sleep. Trying to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning means that your body will become much better at getting good quality sleep.

Switch Off

Your blue light intake has more impact on your sleep than you’d think. Blue light is generated by screens and stops your body from producing melatonin, which is the hormone that helps you to fall asleep. Spending too much time on your phone before bed means that your body isn’t producing melatonin and therefore won’t find it as easy to get to sleep. Try limiting your phone use before bedtime.

Get Some Sun

Exposure to natural sunlight is really important for your sleep. We evolved to work in the day and sleep at night, and so our bodies naturally use sunlight to differentiate. If you aren’t seeing any sunlight in the daytime, your body has no way of knowing which time to sleep.

Improve Your Sleep Space

Your room should be a place that relaxes you, so if you feel like you’re stuck in a sleepless rut, it’s worth thinking about overhauling your space. It’s especially worth investing in a more supportive mattress, and a bed setup that will make you feel calmer and more ready to sleep.

Try Relaxation

Relaxation techniques like taking a hot bath, doing some yoga or practicing meditation all help to switch off your brain and get you to sleep more quickly. Try picking out one of these things to do before you go to bed.


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If you’re struggling with the idea of spending 2021 in the same space you spent much of 2020 in, you’re not alone. However, the solution doesn’t actually have to be anything as drastic as a full home makeover; there are plenty of surprisingly effective, low budget ways to make your house feel new and refreshed.

Move Things Around

It sounds like an obvious solution, but sometimes the best and least expensive home makeover comes from rolling up your sleeves and getting creative with how your space is organised. If your home is starting to feel claustrophobic, try opening up more floor space to make your home seem lighter and bigger.

Switch Up Your Lighting

There’s no denying that direct sunlight is essential for your health; Vitamin D is vital for your health and regular sunlight helps to maintain your circadian rhythm, meaning that you’ll sleep better and feel more awake. Even if you don’t have much direct sunlight, good lighting will make your home seem bigger and save you from eye strain, so focussing on changing your light fixtures or adding in supplementary ones will help.

Clear Out

Clutter is one of the things that will keep your home feeling stagnant; it’s hard to make a fresh start if you’re still falling over last year’s rubbish. Take whatever you can to be donated, bin what you can’t keep and put everything else in storage.

Make Small Changes

Sometimes just tweaking one small thing is enough to make your space feel like yours again. Some great small projects include changing your door handles, repainting cabinets or changing out tiebacks. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands and some leftover paint, putting another coat on chipped or worn paint is also a really good way of refreshing your home.

Bring Nature In

If you’re struggling with spending limited time outside, a great solution is to bring some greenery into your home to brighten it up and improve your mental health. Go for a low-maintenance succulent or dragon tree if you don’t have a green thumb, but if you do, try your hand at something which will grow big, like a money tree.

Treat Yourself

You don’t have to be redecorating to justify buying a beautiful new piece of furniture to freshen up you home. Go for somewhere where you’ll be spending a lot of time, like a new sofa, table, or even a bed. If you do go this route, you can design and order your own dream bed here.

Change Your Candles

This sounds strange, but smell is one of the most perceptive emotions and really shapes how you think of and remember places. Buying new scented candles or diffusers and changing the way your home smells will help your brain to register is as new and different, without costing you any time at all.

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We have a new offer, just in time for the December and January sales! It's our brand new bundle deal.

Design your own bed and use the code WIN50 for 50% off, if that wasn't enough - you can now take advantage of our bundle deal to get a whopping 50% off a new mattress too! Please note that using this code results in 5% commission.

We believe relaxation should start at the beginning. We made our first bed in 2006, a lot has changed over the years. Todays demand due to small spaces means we demand more storage for our beds so we help customers find the perfect look, colour and size, that still meets their storage needs.
We wanted a solution that makes our customers lives easier, so after years of research and development, came the bed designer tool. The bed designer tool means that customers can have the look they want, the way they want it, without breaking the bank.

We've just launched our new mattress range! We don't want to bore you with springs and things, we just wanted to give you the same mattress in a box without the faff. Simply slide our slothometer and choose how you want to sloth. You get all the standard mattress in box but without all the faff:

10 years guarantee
100 night free trail
Free delivery

Please let us know if you would like to join our program, we would love to have you on board.

Arista Living

Bank Holiday Blockbuster event

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Deep Link URL:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Our Biggest Brands at Blockbuster prices! Plus Free P&P this weekend - #GoneToTheBeach


  • Event: Summer Bank Holiday Event
  • Start Date: Wednesday 22nd August at 12pm
  • End Date: Monday 27th August at 11:59pm
  • Commission: 6% for new customers. 3% for existing customers. 2% for existing cashback customers. 

BIG Brands, BIG Blockbuster prices, BIG Bank Holiday Celebrations! Join our un-missable summer Bank Holiday event, where we’ll see off the sun in style with huge savings!

From 12pm Wednesday 22nd August until Monday 27th August at 11:59pm customers can take advantage of our blockbuster savings across Home, Beauty, Garden & more with deals on big name brands including NoNo Pro, Dormeo, Wagner and many more.

NoNo Pro Kit – Only £159.99 - 40% Saving

Plus 1 lucky customer will win a 2 night coastal escape for 2 & £300 spending money, with a choice of over fifty hotels - courtesy of Ideal World.

Take advantage of this event and earn 6% commission for new customers on any sales generated, as well as 4% for existing and 3% for existing cashback customers.

This is a big opportunity for new customers to be introduced to Ideal World so for any new partners, now is the time to get promoting us!

Have a look around the website and get your links in place for this evening.

If you need any further information on the event or products then email me at



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Right Royal Celebration - Added Bonus

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Offer: Right Royal Celebration £5 off £20 Spend

Start Date: 16/05/2018
End Date: 21/05/2018

Commission: New Customers 6%, Existing Customers 4%, Existing Cashback Customers 2%



With Ideal Worlds Right Royal Celebration event taking place this week we are giving our customers an added bonus!

All customers can get £5 off when they spend £20 with voucher code 5OFF20 until 21st May 2018.

Take advantage of this event and earn 6% commission for new customers on any sales generated, as well as 4% for existing and 3% for existing cashback customers.

Have a look around the website and get your links in place for the event launch at 5pm today.

If you need any further information on the event or products then email me at




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Hyde & Sleep mattress


Our customers will receive up to £200 worth of extras when they order a Hyde & Sleep mattress.

This includes pillows, duvet set and sheets.

We are so delighted to offer our customers this fantastic promotion.

This offer will run until Monday 2nd October at midnight.


For more information don't hesitate to get in contact with us on

We love to build relationships with our publishers.


Simba Sleep - The Simba Mattress Protector!

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Simba Sleep & Silverbean Newsletter
Monday 18th September

Simba Sleep - The Simba Mattress Protector!

Welcome to the latest newsletter from Simba Sleep and Silverbean.

Simba Sleep has just launched it's brand new mattress protector, on sale in the UK now from £45!

The Simba deluxe mattress protector acts as a layer of protection against dirt and moisture, keeping your mattress in optimum condition for longer. It’s the perfect companion for the Simba Hybrid® Mattresses, and flexible enough to fit others too. Available in sizes Single to Super King it's also breathable and waterproof.


DEEP LINK:!!!id!

Queries / Contact Us...

If you have any queries, or would like to request anything please contact Natasha Maddison at Silverbean, and she will be happy to help:

telephone: +44 (0) 191 406 1200
follow us on twitter: @sbnaffiliates

In Association with Simba Sleep's Exclusive Affiliate Partners Agency.


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Hyde & Sleep mattress


Our customers will receive up to £200 worth of extras when they order a Hyde & Sleep mattress.

This includes pillows, duvet set and sheets.

We are so delighted to offer our customers this fantastic promotion.

This offer will run until Sun 6th August 2017.


For more information don't hesitate to get in contact with us on

We love to build relationships with our publishers.

Hyde & Sleep announce Which? Best Buy

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Hyde & Sleep mattress

We are delighted to announce that our Next-Gen Memory Foam mattress has been awarded a Which? Best Buy.

This means that Hyde & Sleep is now an award winning mattress company. We have also won the 'Product of the year 2017' in the mattress category.

We would love for you to inform your readers of this great news especially if you are in the relevant sector.

You can let us know if you would like any more information and we'd be happy to help. If you would like to work with us more closely you can contact us on


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Every mattress order made until 9th July will receive free pillows & bedding up to the value of £200.

If a customer places an order for a single mattress they will receive:

1 x Smart Pillow

1 x Fitted Sheet

1 x Duvet Set

If a customer places an order for a Double, King or Super-King mattress they will receive:

2 x Smart Pillows

1 x Fitted Sheet

1 x Duvet Sheet

The offer is valid until 9th July 2017.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on


20% off everything on HYDE & SLEEP

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Hyde & Sleep mattress







Offer valid until Sun 25th June 2017.



Hyde & Sleep mattress

20% off everything on Hyde & Sleep

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Hyde & Sleep mattress


20% OFF


Let your customers take advantage of this amazing promotion.

They have the chance to take 20% off our award winning mattress or pillows or sheets etc

Hyde and Sleep won 'Product of the year' in the mattress category for 2017.


We have recently expanded our offering to include the following products:

Sheets, Duvets and mattress protectors.

Hyde and Sleep was started with an aim to improve the way people sleep.

Our products offer affordable luxury and we allow customers to test out the mattress in the comfort of their own home with our 100 night rest test.

This is a fantastic offer for customers to purchase all their bedding with an incredible 20% off!

Please contact Hyde and Sleep to let us know how you will publish this offer

and if there is anything we can do to help. We love to build strong relationships

with our publishers.

Offer ends on Sunday 28th May.

Discount applied at checkout.