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If you’re struggling with the idea of spending 2021 in the same space you spent much of 2020 in, you’re not alone. However, the solution doesn’t actually have to be anything as drastic as a full home makeover; there are plenty of surprisingly effective, low budget ways to make your house feel new and refreshed.

Move Things Around

It sounds like an obvious solution, but sometimes the best and least expensive home makeover comes from rolling up your sleeves and getting creative with how your space is organised. If your home is starting to feel claustrophobic, try opening up more floor space to make your home seem lighter and bigger.

Switch Up Your Lighting

There’s no denying that direct sunlight is essential for your health; Vitamin D is vital for your health and regular sunlight helps to maintain your circadian rhythm, meaning that you’ll sleep better and feel more awake. Even if you don’t have much direct sunlight, good lighting will make your home seem bigger and save you from eye strain, so focussing on changing your light fixtures or adding in supplementary ones will help.

Clear Out

Clutter is one of the things that will keep your home feeling stagnant; it’s hard to make a fresh start if you’re still falling over last year’s rubbish. Take whatever you can to be donated, bin what you can’t keep and put everything else in storage.

Make Small Changes

Sometimes just tweaking one small thing is enough to make your space feel like yours again. Some great small projects include changing your door handles, repainting cabinets or changing out tiebacks. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands and some leftover paint, putting another coat on chipped or worn paint is also a really good way of refreshing your home.

Bring Nature In

If you’re struggling with spending limited time outside, a great solution is to bring some greenery into your home to brighten it up and improve your mental health. Go for a low-maintenance succulent or dragon tree if you don’t have a green thumb, but if you do, try your hand at something which will grow big, like a money tree.

Treat Yourself

You don’t have to be redecorating to justify buying a beautiful new piece of furniture to freshen up you home. Go for somewhere where you’ll be spending a lot of time, like a new sofa, table, or even a bed. If you do go this route, you can design and order your own dream bed here.

Change Your Candles

This sounds strange, but smell is one of the most perceptive emotions and really shapes how you think of and remember places. Buying new scented candles or diffusers and changing the way your home smells will help your brain to register is as new and different, without costing you any time at all.

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