Here Comes The Sun; 6 Trends We Think Will Dominate Summer 2021

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We’ve reached May Bank Holiday, which means that summer is just around the corner. It might just be because the weather is miserable, but we’re starting to look forward to sunny days ahead, and, more importantly, summery interiors. So, whilst we wait for the sunshine to come back, we’re taking a look at the trends we think will define this summer.

Eco- friendly living

Every day we become more conscious of the impact we’re having on our planet, and we adjust our ways of living accordingly, so it’s no surprise that we’re expecting to see more eco-conscious materials and fewer plastic items. Instead, people will opt for things that can bio-degrade naturally over a period of time.

Flexible Spaces

The world might be returning to some degree of normalcy, but people don’t seem to be flooding back into office spaces. Instead, we’re opting for home spaces that work for both our business and personal lives, with lots of people choosing to invest in dividers or other ways to section a space.

 Luxury Living

This might seem like something that doesn’t really count as a trend, but a year spent indoors has convinced people to splash out a little on their surroundings, so we’re seeing a shift towards comfort and style over utilitarianism.


Japandi is a fairly new idea- a combination of both Scandi and Japanese decorating styles, mixing pared-back Scandi style with ornamental Japanese touches for a beautiful minimalist finish.


We’ve discussed bringing the outside in before on this blog, but it bears repeating that it’s been one of the biggest trends of lockdown; plants can make enclosed spaces feel more natural, and they’ve been proven to purify the air and make you feel calmer.

DIY Décor

No doubt you’ll have seen some amazing DIY decorating over social media in the past year- and chances are you’ve probably seen some less successful versions. Lots of elements we’re seeing take over now are a result of these transformations; things like DIY Panelling, murals and painted furniture.

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