Spotlight on A Trend; Neutrals

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In all our time writing this blog, it’s a miracle we’ve never covered the one topic we’re most qualified to talk about; neutrals. We’re big fans of a clean, neutral colour palette, and if you’re following us, the chances are that you are too, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about why neutrals are such a great interior design option.

Firstly, they’re really easy to put together and maintain. If you’ve ever decorated a room with neutrals, you’ll know how simple it is- all you have to do is decide on warm or cool tones, and then stick within that range of colours. This makes the whole decorating process much easier, and leaves you with far more options for buying the things you need.

The beauty of neutrals is also that they’re timeless; you won’t wake up in a week or two, realise a trend has passed, and then hate the room you’ve created. Unlike cow-print this year, or the ‘millenial pink’ from two years ago, neutrals will still be beautiful and understated in five, ten or fifteen years, so you aren’t going to waste money and then fall behind. Plus, they’re really easy to do on a budget, and they’ll always look put-together and expensive.

Last, but definitely not least, neutral spaces are really calming; the muted tones mean that whilst you’re still in a beautiful space, they aren’t jarring or overwhelming. This means that it’s a great colour scheme for spaces like bedrooms, which should be as relaxing and calm as they are beautiful.

So how do you put together a good neutral room?

Like we said earlier, you’ll want to think about which variety of neutral you’re going for; warm toned or cool toned? If you’re not sure what the difference is, warm tones are colours like beiges and warm browns, whereas cooler tones are colours like greys and whites. Either can be beautiful, buy you’ll want to stick with the same colour family, or things will look muddy.

Secondly, you’ll want to stop the room from feeling flat by adding in depth; this comes with texture and lighting. For example, you might want to consider furniture that’s got visual interest; our headboards combine neutral tones with visually interesting textures and finishes so that your room doesn’t feel flat.

You’ll also want to think about storage; neutral rooms aren’t the best suited to lots of colourful clutter, so hidden storage like cabinets or ottomans are great options that allow your space to still feel put-together and easy to maintain.

If you do put together a neutral room you love, and you use one of our beds to complete the look, we want to hear about it! Post it on Instagram and tag us, or use the hashtag #aristaliving, and you’ll be in with a chance to see your image on our grid!

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