How to Make A Dark Room Brighter, In Five Easy Steps

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Sometimes when the seasons change and the weather gets brighter, it becomes a lot more obvious that certain spaces are just dark all of the time, regardless of how bright it is outside. This could be because they’re at an awkward angle, or because they don’t have large enough windows, but it’s often caused, or at least made worse, by interior design choices. However, it’s also possible to solve or mask the issue by making small changes to the way you’ve decorated a room, that will trick the eye into thinking that it’s seeing more light than it actually is. If you’re trying to make a dark room brighter, here are some easy tricks that will help.

Light Sources

Whilst the obvious solution is to get a really bright light for the space, that won’t actually work as well as filling the space with lots of different light sources.  One bright light can cast harsh shadows and doesn’t create the same ambience as sunlight does. A better solution is to augment the light with accent lights, which will create a warm glow that adds depth and allows you to adjust the lighting.

Paint Colours

You’ll want to go for pale colours, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to whites and creams. You can also add cool, bright colours like blues, yellows and pinks, which will add contrast whilst still seeming bright and sunny. In terms of colours you should keep away from, greys and darker tones will not reflect as much light and so won’t have as great an effect.


You’ll want to get furniture that comes in cool, pale shades- colours that reflect light back to create the illusion of a well lit space. It’s also worth considering furniture with a glossy finish, because those will reflect the most light back and work best in a dark space. We’ve got some great options available on our site that will allow you to create a brighter space without sacrificing anything in the way of style.

Add Contrast

Don’t go for an all-white space! Darker contrast tones help to make the light shades seem lighter, and the contrast is what draws the eye. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a space that feels impersonal and unforgiving.


There’s no point in getting the right furniture, pairing it with the best colour, and then ruining your hard work with lots of clutter. Clean spaces reflect more light and are generally more calming, and clutter can make a space feel cramped and shadowy. We’d recommend getting some hidden storage that could help your room to feel clear and bright.

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