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At MODAFIRMA, we are extremely proud to work with the most creative and fashion forward designers from all over the world. To help you discover the world our brands and MODAFIRMA even more, we decided to choose our favourite clothing items each month – which ones do you love the most? 

Silverstone Dress

This modern and timelessly beautiful is a perfect choice for any formal event or night out party. Because of its vibrant and minimalist silver colour and double layered design, everything about this dress screams futuristic and feminine with a classy edge. Thanks to its special design and length, the Silverstone dress fits and complements any body type.

Silverstone dress

Silverstone dress by Nah Nu Katarzyna

Florious Dress

Portnoy Beso Couture is known from its breathtakingly elegant and luxurious designs, and our favourite has to be this youthful maxi dress made from black silk and eyecatching floral lace. Inspired from the Middle Eastern ornaments, this uniquely designed dress mixes the romantic and fun patterns with the timeless, straight shapes and black. Thanks to its delicate detailing and interesting colour combinations, it can be worn to various events and occasions.


Florious dress

Florious dress by Portnoy Beso

Lola Bag Pink

Made from 100% Spanish leather, this little pink bag with golden detailing and detachable leather strap is our favourite bag and accessory for a night-out. Its bright colour can make any monochrome outfit look youthful and fun, and it is just the right size to fit everything important in there without being too big or heavy.


Lola bag pink

Lola Bag by Stuudio Nahk

White Lace Evening Dress

Roxcii’s collection mostly consists of feminine, beautiful and more dressed up designs, but our personal favourite choice has to be this wedding gown-like white lace evening dress! Every little detail from the see-through lace and maxi length to the long sleeves and low-cut back makes this gown very one of a kind, and gives your appearance just to right amount of innocent, but still sultry look at the same time.


White lace dress

White Lace Dress by Roxcii



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Twisted braids, daring colour choices and new makeup techniques…this season’s catwalks were not only interesting because of the clothing items, but because of the gorgeous upcoming beauty trends as well. Whether you are supporting a classic and elegant or innovative and edgy style, 2016 Spring/Summer has definitely got something to offer!

Halo Braid
Halo braid (also known as crown braid) hairstyle is the new generation of braids: it’s not only very easy to create, but is also an elegant and sophisticated look without being too girly. The trick is to start at the nape of the neck and create two separate Dutch braid sections, which can be then pinned into a crown.

Cover archive

Wear it with…

Beauty trends

Say goodbye to heavy contouring and welcome its lighter and fresher sister, strobing! Strobing means playing with bright highlighting shades to accentuate the most beautiful parts on your face – gently apply a powder highlighter with a small brush to your cheekbones, bridge and tip of the nose and brow bone, but don’t be too heavy-handed with the shimmery shades to avoid looking greasy.

Cover archive


Wear it with…

Beauty trends


Electric Lips
Mauves and beige undertone nudes were huge during the autumn and winter season, but according to Mac, Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent, we can expect spring to bring vibrant lip shades, such as magenta, Barbie pink, blue undertone lavenders and oranges. The great thing about these lip shades (besides the stunning colours) are the simplicity: you won’t have to struggle with smudging your perfect smokey eye or applying tons of eye shadow – throw a bright lipstick in your purse and you are good to go.

Cover achive


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Beauty trends 3


Fun Eyeshadows
If lipsticks aren’t really your thing and you prefer accentuating your eyes, the dreamy eye shadows looks by Chanel and Giambattista Valli will be your absolute favourites for the spring season. Hunt down the eyeshadow that complements your eye colour the most, and rock it with confidence!

Cover achive3


Wear it with…

Beauty trends 5


Slicked Ponytail
We could see models during the Balmain fashion show supporting these incredibly sleek high ponytails. Unlike the regular ponytails, which might be a bit too casual, these ones are the definition of formal simplicity and look perfect with a monochrome outfit. The secret of a perfect high ponytail is to use a texturizing spay before combing your hair into a ponytail, and securing it into place with a strong-hold hairspray.

Beauty trends 4


Wear it with…

Beauty trends 4


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At Modafirma, we all love hunting down the coolest designs online from emerging designers, whether we are looking for a smart casual office look, a date night outfit or a gown for a special event. Here are five reasons we support emerging designers and why you should too!

1. You Can Always Learn Something New
Instead of the big seasonal trends, emerging designers create their designs with their own twists, which show the different, new and exciting sides of fashion. While most of the popular high street stores tend to produce very similar designs, the designers at Modafirma are all about representing their individual visions and dreams… and we love that!

Fashion ilustration


2. You Can Help The Environment
Various documentary films and magazines have been digging up the horrible secrets of some of these fast fashion companies – from illegal child work and ridiculously low payments to millions of tons of textile waste and constant water pollution , we have heard many reasons about why we should stick with conscious designers.

3. You’ll Stand Out From The Crowd
Everyone’s running around with the same clothing items from different brands, and there is no problem with that as it is their choice, but who says you can’t stand out from the crowd and show off your own style? Emerging designers help you find that crazy ruffled dress you were always looking for, that fierce pair of red heels you were always too afraid to wear or the comfy, vegan tote bag that you saw on that gorgeous, conscious fashion blogger.

Unique street style details

4. You Can Support Local Businesses
„When you buy from a mom or pop up business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dancing lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, or a student pay for college.” This famous quote says it all.

5. You Will Get The Best Quality
There is something so special about purchasing from an emerging designer. Whether it is the personalized packaging, the fabric or the abstract print on a dress, we can be sure the quality is on point.

Unique packaging

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We all know the color rules of fashion… but why shouldn’t we think outside of the box and break the rules sometimes? To help you create the most beautiful and stylish color block looks, we collected our top four rare color combinations.

Red & Pink

Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna – just a few names who taught us how to rock the pink and red trend and look absolutely stunning in it. This vivid and feminine mix has to be one of the most popular color block combinations: these two colors look flattering with every skin tone and hair color, and can be easily toned down with a pinch of nude, pastel pink or black added to the outfit.

Red & Pink colour

Purple & Orange

This color combo is for all the brave women who are fond of bright colours and creative fashion solutions. After the Balmain 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Show, the purple-orange trend exploded, and we could see it everywhere from red carpets to the cover of Glamour with Jennifer Lawrence, so besides being unique, it is a stylish choice as well approved by Olivier Rousteing.

Purple & Orange


Dark Blue & Black & White

Dark blue and black was one of the biggest fashion sins until Yves Saint Laurent decided to break the rules and created a huge trend from these two. During the years, white has been added to the mix as well, which gives a softer and more natural vibe to any dark blue and black look.

Colours combination


Baby Blue & Dark Brown

Pastel blues are usually mixed together with black, darker blues or greens, so the warm undertoned dark brown is definitely a surprise choice… and it didn’t disappoint us at all. While the light blue gives the outfit a feminine, soft and playful vibe, the dark brown keeps it very elegant and sophisticated, and who could resist that combination?

Light blue & brown


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