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Single Parents, We Salute You

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It's Single Parents day and at we easyStorage know it's the hardest job in the world so you might find a few tips in here to help!

Parenting is the toughest job in the World, alongside being one of the most rewarding. It’s unpaid, 24 hours a day, full of conflicts and you can’t hand in your notice!

Double this if you’re a single parent, when everyday things like taking a shower, or even going to the toilet, create moral dilemmas about leaving baby alone for a moment  - or even a choice between ‘shower or sleep?’

So we salute you, single parents.

Life becomes messy as children grow up. As babies they bring the paraphernalia of baby beds, chairs, eating and heating tools…. Then they become toddlers, and suddenly the lounge becomes a playground. They start school and the friends, the sleepovers, the schoolwork enters your lives. And just when we think we have it licked, they become teenagers, which is its own expensive mix of heaven and hell.

For a two-parent family, it can be exhausting. For single parents, it’s a juggling act, usually undertaken on a tight budget, in a smaller space than we would like, and on a single battery.

At easyStorage we can’t take care of babysitting or offer parenting advice, but we do know a thing or two about organisation and making space. To that end, we’ve put together a few handy tips that might work for you.

1. Lists

To do lists are your friend - as well as a calendar.

The trouble with online calendars is that each tool has a different system, so Facebook and Google won’t necessarily know which each other is doing.

At easyStorage all of us use a single system for bookings, so there’s no trouble there – it’s a shame that our personal lives can’t be that simple! So we recommend a good old fashioned paper diary for putting everything in – that way you’ll never miss a dress up day, INSET day or doctor’s appointment again.

If it’s with you all the time, those birthdays and playdates go straight in whilst you’re still at the school gates. Phew!

2. Budgeting

With either Excel or Google sheets, it’s easy to set up a list by month of expected payments. Money is rarely sloshing around as a single parent, so not getting caught out by an insurance payment or car service because you know when it’s due, is a major boon.

Start by entering all of those payments for the last year, so you can spot increasing or decreasing bills, and will be able to drop off any unnecessary payments or change supplier if things are looking tough.

Having done last years, create this years, using last years figures as estimates if required. Putting estimates in one colour of form and changing it when you have ‘actuals’ lets you see at a glance what’s still to come each month.

3. Break big projects into small ones

The other scarce thing for single parents is time.

Give yourself a break. If you split big projects like reorganisation – almost inevitable as children grow older - into smaller chunks, you can take them on as you’re ready, call for help when needed, and get the children doing their bits too.

4. Keep thing appropriately accessible

Whilst the ‘rugrats’ are still crawling, you won’t want toilet cleaner etc in accessible spots. But having things like that accessible for them to help you as they grow up will make your life – and theirs – less stressful.

It might be extra blankets that need to be accessed. It might be their clothes. It may be keeping sports kit in a fixed place.

Every family – and child - is different, and you may have to sacrifice a tiny bit of ‘tidy’ for accessible if you want to stay sane!

5. See your garage as an extension to your home

If you’re lucky enough to have garage space, keep it tidy, of course, but don’t forget that it can be the perfect space for storing bulky racquets, hockey sticks etc, and a great changing station for football or walking boots (as long as they don’t get taken off and forgotten until they’re needed!).

6. Colour coding

If you have more than one child, colour coding is your friend – whether allocating tasks (perhaps to earn pocket money) or keeping a diary, highlighters, post its etc not only help you, but for younger children, in particular, can make a boring list look a lot less intimidating.

Some parents even go as far as colour coding everything that goes into a school bag (all red books and pencils, all bright yellow etc). It can make sibling battles over whose mess that is a lot easier to resolve.

7. Routines

Routines can give a sense of security to children. They can be reassuring and even trigger positive behaviours. For example, if Dad’s always helping repack school bags (note, not doing it all himself!) on a Sunday night, they know the school week starts tomorrow and understand that tonight won’t be a late night.

If you always have fish on a Friday, the weekend’s about to start.

If they have to clean off their football boots on a Monday for football on Wednesday, they can look forward to their football unstressed about whether their kit will be ready.

The same applies to kit going straight into the wash bin, tooth cleaning etc. Eventually those routines become second nature and your life can become so much easier.

8. Have fun with the youngsters

Fun can be inexpensive.

If you shop in the same place regularly, do they exchange points earned on your weekly shop to exchange for days out?

Picnics, play parks, baking, board games…. Think what you can do together to have fun.

Charity shops usually check all the pieces are in any games that they sell on – and you’ll be helping others as well as yourself.

9. Make time for you

You’re on your own. So things like set bedtimes (see routine, above) – or at least going to their rooms - can be a lifesaver, giving you time to do things for you and your sanity.

It may be tidying around. It may be a hot bath. It may be a date with your favourite soap. A walk with the dog. Time in the gym. Whatever will help recharge your batteries has to be a good thing. None of us need to pretend to be wonderwoman or superman. (They don’t really exist!)

There are always helpers – be that an after school club, or willing grandparents, the children’s other parent or a friend prepared to babysit - or even just come round and stay in with you and a cup of tea. Look around and find them and take advantage! As long as you’re not taking the micky, it can be fun for all!

One of the hardest things as a parent is maintaining boundaries. Being a single parent can be guilt-ridden, and people’s perceptions can affect you. Don’t take it on board. Do your best and create firm boundaries/guidelines for both the children and adults around you. There will always be lapses – don’t let them become habits, or give in because it’s quicker and easier to do something yourself. You’ll be making a rod for your own back.

10. Have your home how YOU want it

You may love having paint and pictures and creative projects in progress on full view so you can celebrate and see progress. Maybe that kind of ‘mess’ isn’t something you can live with.

If there’s anything good about being a single parent, it’s that you don’t have to consider someone else’s view or accommodate them.

So don’t pay any attention to people whose own homes are immaculate if you choose to spend your time instead with your children, or take any flack from crafting friends about not giving the children enough creative expression. Do what’s right and what works for you and your family.

If you’re getting ‘stick’ from friends, you’ll need to grow a thick skin, ‘cock a deaf ear’, or find better friends.

This is your home, your life, and if others want to offer advice, suggest they help out!

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Happy Single Parents’ Day

However you’re choosing to single parent, we salute you.

And if you choose to put things in storage, either while you make changes to your life or as a lifestyle option, here’s a discount code,  valid on storage booked through March and April, specifically for single parents to help ease the load:  SUPERPARENTS20

(Quotes for storage are available with no obligation, 24/7, through our online booking system: ) For more tips and helpful advice visit us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

easyStorage Moving And Storing In Bad Weather? Sno Problem!

Written by Irene Kapetanaki on . Posted in News, Affiliate Window, Awin, Home & Garden, Home & Garden, Home Appliances, Home Appliances, Network, Network, Offers/Promotions, Property, Property, Sector, Sector, UK, Updates

With colder and unpredictable weather approaching, such as an unexpected snowfall, take a moment to plan and prepare like the experts at easyStorage do.

You may have seen in the news that Snow is on its way to the UK and icy temperatures may hit as soon as next week! It’s even snowing in the Sahara desert currently. So to help you brace for the cold weather we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks to ensure your moving or storage experience goes ahead with “Sno Problem”.

1. Check the weather

This seems like an obvious one but we always recommend checking the weather before moving home or getting items put into storage. We also suggest checking multiple sources as things can change drastically and very quickly. We know that you may not be able to do anything about unfavourable weather but it will allow you to ensure you are fully prepared.

If you’re more concerned about rain, then our sister site easyStorage Boxes have a simple two-step plan so you don’t let your moving boxes get a soggy bottom here!

2. Talk to the professionals

If you are using professional movers or a self storage company such as easyStorage, the more information they have the better. If you are concerned about anything, including the forecasted weather for the day, you can always call the professionals. They will be able to advise you on the procedures in place in the case of a sudden snowstorm hitting and the UK grinds to a halt. But do not worry too much as most reputable storage or removal companies will be able to do their job even in a bit of bad weather.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on road closures and check on the access to your property. Most companies state in their terms and conditions that you will need to ensure that your property is accessible so if you are unsure you can always speak to the local authorities on the day.

We will always keep you updated if the weather is playing havoc with plans as you can see below!

3. Protect your home

Any sort of weather whether it is rain, snow, storms or hail could cause you problems whilst going in and out of your home multiple times. Any harsh conditions could mean that your shoes pick up dirt or snow which can damage the floors in the property you are leaving or just make a huge mess. Either of those mean extra work or hassle in the future.

There are plenty of ways you can protect your property. You could use old cardboard boxes beyond repair to limit the mess. You could also use some brown paper to line the hallways for the same reason. Another suggestion is to place old towels around the property especially near doorways, to encourage people to wipe their feet. Although if any of these protective measures are on a smooth floor such as wood then make sure you tape them down so there’s no chance of someone slipping. The last thing you would want to worry about is calling an ambulance!

If this preparation sounds like too much of a hassle, why not use a company like easyStorage? We will lay down moving blankets and cellophane to ensure your property is protected. Don’t take our word for it, you can simply look at our Trustpilot, for the real experiences straight from our customers.

From start to finish Easystorage has been fantastic. Really easy to book. We were moving two properties into one, so needed some storage until the house sale went through. On the day the two men were very friendly and worked quickly and safely during such unusual times.

I was really impressed with the low cost to pack and store our items and we had everything safely in storage for a couple of months.

When it came to returning our items, again the process was so effortless, and they worked quickly and safely. They laid blankets all over the main walkways to protect our carpets and even offered to leave a few so we could continue to protect our carpets whilst we got the house sorted as the weather was so dreadful.

Thank you so much for helping to make such a major move feel so effortless. We highly recommend using Easystorage and would definitely use them again.

4. Protect your movers

If you're keen on avoiding any hospital trips, it is a good idea to make sure you are looking out for your movers, no matter who they are. One way is to grab a shovel and clear out driveways or paths nearby your home. Another great way to ensure the safety of those doing the heavy lifting is to have salt or other gritting sand on hand. We all know how risky icy paths and roads can be, especially whilst carrying anything heavy or fragile so a little bit of preparation can allow for a super smooth move.

And make sure you, friends, family or anyone around helping is wearing the correct clothing. Even if you are just observing the professionals it’s likely you will still be near open doors and want to see your pod sealed at the end so make sure you’re dressed for warmth. Layers are key in cold weather, as long as they are easy to remove quickly. You could be moving a lot so even if it’s freezing out there, your body temperature will rocket with all the physical activity of lifting and stairs. Hats are great for warmth as are gloves that also improve your grip for carrying and lifting. Another key is to put on some sturdy snow boots with good grip, this way your feet can stay warm and dry whilst ensuring there are no falls.

5. Protect your items

We love saying this so much that it might as well become our motto, but make sure you store your items clean and dry! It’s so important and if you’re interested we recently explained the simple science behind why items need to be dry on our sister site easyStorage Boxes. e sell a bunch of products including boxes of all sizesbubble wrap/blankets/papertape andother accessories. All these items are recommended to protect your items in the best way possible.

Electronics are ones to keep an eye on as they do not enjoy the cold. Have you seen your phone battery suddenly drain once it hits subzero temperatures? Sudden temperature changes could have huge impacts on how they perform and remember those screens are sensitive. Make sure you wrap up all those items as much as possible - or if you don’t fancy the extra effort, give easyStorage a call. We are the storage experts who know the best ways to pack and protect your items - not to mention, we always have plenty of free moving blankets on hand!

6. Store away pets and children

Last but not lead least we’re reminding you that everyone finds a move or storage experience stressful, but little people and animal friends are often hit the hardest. No, we’re not telling you to store them with us but it might make sense to keep them somewhere secure and out of the way. With so many things to think about, it could be useful to have a friend take in your children and pets for the day or even just an afternoon. If you’re looking for tips about moving with pets or children, we have articles for that.

Overall with moving or storing items in snowy weather, there is a lot to think about and prepare, but sometimes these situations are unavoidable. So if you are worried, take time to plan ahead and talk to professionals. For a super easy move or storage experience in any weather conditions why not let the professional experts at easyStorage do it all for you - just give us a call on 0333 344 1938.

easyStorage (22170) New storage creatives

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easyStorage has just uploaded some new creatives for our publishers - take a look!

easyStorage is pleased to share some new creatives exclusively for our publishers. These can be used as advertising banners on platforms, websites, newsletters, or social media.

They have been designed to make your members stop and look and they have a creativity element behind it.

Have a look below and our profile!

Thank you,



Discounted student storage and increased commission with easyStorage

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With students are going back to university this weekend, easyStorage has activated an exclusive BACK2SCHOOL code for £30 off.

For this week only (17 Sep to 26 Sep) we are also matching the discount to the commission at £30 CPA for our valued publishers.

easyStorage offers a no-hassle approach to storage. We bring storage to your door and do all the heavy lifting, with our prices also being up to 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage. Low-cost, hassle-free, easy. easyStorage operates around the UK and our team is ready to come to you!

Thank you,

Irene Kapetanaki

Partnerships Manager

Businesses Increasingly Turning to Self-Storage

Written by Irene Kapetanaki on . Posted in Updates, Business Services (B2B), Business Services (B2B), Home & Garden, Home & Garden, Network, Network, News, Property, UK

Against a tough trading background, businesses are waking up to the importance of self-storage facilities, and finding them cheaper than anticipated.

Over the COVID period, many businesses have closed their bricks and mortar businesses. By late March this year, a report (Business insights and impact on the UK economy) showed that almost half of currently trading businesses were experiencing a decrease in turnover. The percentage of businesses in the accommodation and food service activities industry with three months' cash reserves or less fell below 50% and uncertainty abounds.

Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services industries all suffered.

Between COVID and Brexit, the manufacturing industry experienced increased prices for materials, goods and services.

Whilst self-storage has been seen traditionally as for personal storage, businesses are waking up to the importance of self-storage facilities. Businesses now account for close to 30% of all self-storage tenants. Indeed, in some areas, businesses account for up to 60% of self-storage units.

Self-storage can prove a cost-effective solution to space problems, especially for start-ups as there is often no need for lengthy leases. For e/commerce, construction and marketing companies or departments, self-storage is a well-established boon.

At easyStorage we’d be the first to say that not every business is going to find our way of operating perfect. We come and collect goods and deliver them back as needed, but may need two days notice. For an e-commerce kitchen table start-ups, for example, that need to pick and send perishable goods immediately, traditional self-storage, with its constant access, is perfect to meet their needs. Plus, we don’t offer constant access, which is one of the reasons our prices are so good.

But for someone with a large stock of non-perishables, not having them lying around and returned once a week for despatch can work brilliantly - to say nothing of the financial saving in buying in bigger quantities.

For marketers, for example, whose expensive exhibition stands are being mothballed or put away for later use, seasonal goods etc, again, self-storage like ours is really cost effective. Leaflets that take space in boxes lying around the office, running the risk of damage or becoming dogeared, can be kept clean and tidy.

For those who’ve closed businesses waiting for better times, holding on to business assets in storage until times get better can be a smart move. Right now is a great time for buyers to get bargains, but a heartbreak for business owners having to sell what they’ve invested in.

Mobile storage, the official name for our kind of self-storage at easyStorage, comes in at around at half the price of traditional self storage. All in all, business or consumer, we like to do ‘what it says on the can’ for our customers and make life easy!

easyStorage LIVE with AWIN

Written by Irene Kapetanaki on . Posted in Programme Launches, Product Launches

We are thrilled to announce the launch of easyStorage's new affiliate programme!


easyStorage is a member of the easy family of brands, offering a hassle-free approach to storage.

No job is too small or too big for us. Unlike traditional self-storage, we bring easyPods to our customers for items to be loaded into. We can help those moving homes or moving abroad, and companies who want to store furniture, move offices or relocate to another city.

easyStorage has facilities across much of the UK. Booking is simple and can be done by phone or online, and our teams come and collect your belongings, store them in a sealed, dry container, and return them when you want them. They can even help you pack!

Best of all, the cost for customers is around half that of traditional storage.

The easy family of brands is known to provide low cost yet trustworthy service, keep things simple and being honest, open, attentive and fun.

easyStorage offers a no-frills approach to pricing. Customers will pay a sensible margin for storage and then pay for all the extras as they need them. These would be packing materials, packing, insurance, as well as collection and delivery (with cheaper slots for when a delivery is already booked in the area). Each priced sensibly and on an ‘as needed’ basis.

About the Affiliate Programme

  • £40 commission per sale, for all easyStorage bookings (usually £25 per sale)
  • Cookie Period: 30 days
  • Fully optimized mobile site

Launch Incentive

For the first month, easyStorage will be offering a fantastic £40 commission for all confirmed sales!

Starts 22/03/2021

Ends 02/05/2021


Get £25 off your first storage bill with code LAUNCHDAY. Offer available for all UK easyStorage locations.

Get your first month for £1 only, if you prepay for 12 months.

Contact Us

If you have any questions with regards to the easyStorage affiliate programme, please contacts Irene at .