easyStorage Moving And Storing In Bad Weather? Sno Problem!

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With colder and unpredictable weather approaching, such as an unexpected snowfall, take a moment to plan and prepare like the experts at easyStorage do.

You may have seen in the news that Snow is on its way to the UK and icy temperatures may hit as soon as next week! It’s even snowing in the Sahara desert currently. So to help you brace for the cold weather we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks to ensure your moving or storage experience goes ahead with “Sno Problem”.

1. Check the weather

This seems like an obvious one but we always recommend checking the weather before moving home or getting items put into storage. We also suggest checking multiple sources as things can change drastically and very quickly. We know that you may not be able to do anything about unfavourable weather but it will allow you to ensure you are fully prepared.

If you’re more concerned about rain, then our sister site easyStorage Boxes have a simple two-step plan so you don’t let your moving boxes get a soggy bottom here!

2. Talk to the professionals

If you are using professional movers or a self storage company such as easyStorage, the more information they have the better. If you are concerned about anything, including the forecasted weather for the day, you can always call the professionals. They will be able to advise you on the procedures in place in the case of a sudden snowstorm hitting and the UK grinds to a halt. But do not worry too much as most reputable storage or removal companies will be able to do their job even in a bit of bad weather.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on road closures and check on the access to your property. Most companies state in their terms and conditions that you will need to ensure that your property is accessible so if you are unsure you can always speak to the local authorities on the day.

We will always keep you updated if the weather is playing havoc with plans as you can see below!

3. Protect your home

Any sort of weather whether it is rain, snow, storms or hail could cause you problems whilst going in and out of your home multiple times. Any harsh conditions could mean that your shoes pick up dirt or snow which can damage the floors in the property you are leaving or just make a huge mess. Either of those mean extra work or hassle in the future.

There are plenty of ways you can protect your property. You could use old cardboard boxes beyond repair to limit the mess. You could also use some brown paper to line the hallways for the same reason. Another suggestion is to place old towels around the property especially near doorways, to encourage people to wipe their feet. Although if any of these protective measures are on a smooth floor such as wood then make sure you tape them down so there’s no chance of someone slipping. The last thing you would want to worry about is calling an ambulance!

If this preparation sounds like too much of a hassle, why not use a company like easyStorage? We will lay down moving blankets and cellophane to ensure your property is protected. Don’t take our word for it, you can simply look at our Trustpilot, for the real experiences straight from our customers.

From start to finish Easystorage has been fantastic. Really easy to book. We were moving two properties into one, so needed some storage until the house sale went through. On the day the two men were very friendly and worked quickly and safely during such unusual times.

I was really impressed with the low cost to pack and store our items and we had everything safely in storage for a couple of months.

When it came to returning our items, again the process was so effortless, and they worked quickly and safely. They laid blankets all over the main walkways to protect our carpets and even offered to leave a few so we could continue to protect our carpets whilst we got the house sorted as the weather was so dreadful.

Thank you so much for helping to make such a major move feel so effortless. We highly recommend using Easystorage and would definitely use them again.

4. Protect your movers

If you're keen on avoiding any hospital trips, it is a good idea to make sure you are looking out for your movers, no matter who they are. One way is to grab a shovel and clear out driveways or paths nearby your home. Another great way to ensure the safety of those doing the heavy lifting is to have salt or other gritting sand on hand. We all know how risky icy paths and roads can be, especially whilst carrying anything heavy or fragile so a little bit of preparation can allow for a super smooth move.

And make sure you, friends, family or anyone around helping is wearing the correct clothing. Even if you are just observing the professionals it’s likely you will still be near open doors and want to see your pod sealed at the end so make sure you’re dressed for warmth. Layers are key in cold weather, as long as they are easy to remove quickly. You could be moving a lot so even if it’s freezing out there, your body temperature will rocket with all the physical activity of lifting and stairs. Hats are great for warmth as are gloves that also improve your grip for carrying and lifting. Another key is to put on some sturdy snow boots with good grip, this way your feet can stay warm and dry whilst ensuring there are no falls.

5. Protect your items

We love saying this so much that it might as well become our motto, but make sure you store your items clean and dry! It’s so important and if you’re interested we recently explained the simple science behind why items need to be dry on our sister site easyStorage Boxes. e sell a bunch of products including boxes of all sizesbubble wrap/blankets/papertape andother accessories. All these items are recommended to protect your items in the best way possible.

Electronics are ones to keep an eye on as they do not enjoy the cold. Have you seen your phone battery suddenly drain once it hits subzero temperatures? Sudden temperature changes could have huge impacts on how they perform and remember those screens are sensitive. Make sure you wrap up all those items as much as possible - or if you don’t fancy the extra effort, give easyStorage a call. We are the storage experts who know the best ways to pack and protect your items - not to mention, we always have plenty of free moving blankets on hand!

6. Store away pets and children

Last but not lead least we’re reminding you that everyone finds a move or storage experience stressful, but little people and animal friends are often hit the hardest. No, we’re not telling you to store them with us but it might make sense to keep them somewhere secure and out of the way. With so many things to think about, it could be useful to have a friend take in your children and pets for the day or even just an afternoon. If you’re looking for tips about moving with pets or children, we have articles for that.

Overall with moving or storing items in snowy weather, there is a lot to think about and prepare, but sometimes these situations are unavoidable. So if you are worried, take time to plan ahead and talk to professionals. For a super easy move or storage experience in any weather conditions why not let the professional experts at easyStorage do it all for you - just give us a call on 0333 344 1938.

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