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Winter is coming & easyStorage is here to help!

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With the weather getting colder & critical conditions already beginning to set in across the UK. We want to reach out to our publishers in the insurance, renovation and home disaster recovery industries as a reminder that we are on hand to help!

easyStorage is an efficient and affordable solution; with door-to-door collection, storage and return services we make it simple and easy to book storage. Our team of storage solution specialists, expert loaders and customer care assistants are ready and available to provide an easy and streamlined solution for our customers storage needs.

We are looking to work with home insurance providers, interior decorators, renovation experts, disaster recovery specialists, home and garden services and more to ensure we are providing the most helpful service during the colder months. 

Help us share our hassle-free storage solution and in return take advantage of our easyStorage affiliate program, which includes: lucrative commissions, exclusive offers, unique promo codes, commission increases and much more!

Join us on AWIN and get in touch for collaboration opportunities!

Thank you publishers!

Asha Ravat

Partnerships Manager

BPI Sports International Affiliate Programme is Live!

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Ready to work with the BPI Sports team? We offer supplements you can trust and a brand you can believe in. BPI Sports is one of the largest and fastest growing sports nutrition companies in the world, inspiring fitness enthusiasts in over 80 countries. We offer high-quality supplements that help people reach their goals – whether that’s losing weight, building muscle or simply living a healthier life. With quality supplements and a community of fitness lovers and athletes, we’re able to support customers’ goals, wherever they are on their fitness journey. We take great pride in our customer service, making sure you have complete satisfaction from start to finish for any transaction.

Why partner with BPI Sports?

  • Earn up to 20% commission on all products
  • A 60-day cookie duration, which gives you two months after the click to receive credit for sales
  • Average order value £50
  • Regular calendar of compelling offers and access to official banner, text links and our datafeed
  • Monthly newsletters that keep you informed of the latest BPI Sports news and promotions while providing tips to increase your sales
  • Dedicated in-house Affiliate Manager Scott Mason 10+ years’ experience in affiliate marketing

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to contact me at

Scott Mason | Affiliate Marketing Manager for BPI Sports

HUGE 50% OFF Arctic Blast Compression Bandages

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Arctic Blast Cold Compression Bandages

Vivomed are offering a HUGE 50% DISCOUNT on all sizes and refill recharges of Arctic Blast compression bandages while stocks last. These compression bandages are soaked in alcohol and menthol in order to apply a cooling sensation to the body without the need for ice or water. This cold compression works by drawing heat out using evaporative cooling without the initial ice shock that you would feel with ice packs.

They are safer and faster than ice and work for a prolonged cooling period. The product works in minutes and remains cool for up to 2 hours making them the ideal product for cold therapy. Once the product begins to lose its cooling sensation simply soak the bandage with the economic refill to recharge the bandage to bring it back to its original ice cold temperature. There are three different sizes of this bandage available to make sure that it meets your needs for recovery.

The Arctic Blast compression bandages are designed to provide instant relief for bruises & knocks to reduce pain and soreness. They are the perfect product for strains and sprains that may occur during games or sporting activities. They help to speed up recovery of aches and pains. These are ideal for sports first aid kits as these bandages can provide cooling to an injured joint anywhere without the need for water or ice.

For more information on the Artic Blast Compression and to see our full range of bandages and cold therapy products visit us online at

MASSIVE 50% discount on all Artic Blast bandages and liquid recharges.


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Up to 30% OFF Vivo Tan Tape Sport at

The brand new VIVO TAN TAPE SPORT is a fantastic entry level Rayon Zinc Oxide tape. This tape offers a much stronger material of zinc oxide than its cotton alternative.

The two market leading Rayon Zinc Oxide tapes include the Leukotape P and the Vivotape P. This tape offers you a very similar strength and adhesive level of tape at a lower cost in the same tan colour to the market leaders.

Many people use this tape for the strapping of limbs or joints to help immobilise them. Zinc oxide tapes are used by many athletes to help injuries and also as a precaution to prevent any further injuries occurring during sports and exercise. Applying tape to limbs and joints help to add a valuable level of compression which helps to increase blood flow in that particular body part. As a result, this level of compression reduces pain, not only during but also after performance.

With three different sizes of tape available it allows the user to select the most suitable size for themselves depending on the limb or joint they are applying to. Box quantities are also available for purchase and are regularly purchased by sports clubs and organisations to ensure stock is available through the sporting season.



The tan colour of this product enables to tape to blend neatly when applied to the skin making it less noticeable during sports activities. Rugby and NFL professionals regularly apply this type just as an extra insurance policy to prevent further injuries occurring. This strong rigid tape is also easily tearable by hand which is another major benefit of using this tape. With up to 30% off all sizes for one week this is the perfect time to avail of the opportunity.

Vivo Tan Tape Sport 2.5cm x 10m



Vivo Tan Tape Sport 2.5cm x 10m

£1.74 excl VAT




Vivo Tan Tape Sport 3.8cm x 10m



Vivo Tan Tape Sport 3.8cm x 10m

£2.60 excl VAT




Vivo Tan Tape Sport 5cm x 10m



Vivo Tan Tape Sport 3.8cm x 10m

£3.41 excl VAT




For more information and to see our full range of zinc oxide tapes visit us online at

***This offer is while stocks last***
Mueller Knee Sleeves Only £9.99 at

Mueller Knee Sleeve Supports ONLY £9.99 at Vivomed

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Mueller Knee Sleeves ONLY £9.99 at Vivomed

Mueller Knee Sleeves Only £9.99 at

Mueller Knee Sleeves Only £9.99 at

For ONE WEEK ONLY Vivomed are reducing the cost of both Mueller open and

Mueller Knee Sleeves Only £9.99 at

Mueller Knee Sleeves Only £9.99 at

closed knee sleeves to just £9.99

Prevent injuries with these Mueller knee sleeves made from neoprene material that slide easily over the knee

Too often we see knee injuries occurring with professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiast. Knee sleeves are designed to protect the knee from future injury and risk of damage. This protection is especially important for knees put under great daily pressure (running, jumping, weightlifting). Mueller knee sleeves also add a level of compression that increase blood flow and reduces pain, not only during but also after performance. A compressed knee encourages blood flow through blood vessels which makes the compression aspect so important. In simple terms, using a knee sleeve results in less pain and swelling during and after performance.

More specifically the sleeves help to add a sense of warmth and also limits the movement of the patella. They help improve circulation which assists healing and increases joint flexibility. They are recommended for minor sprains or relief from stiff or arthritic knees. Many athletes use neoprene knee sleeves to help circulation for any niggles or sprains to help circulation and also add that extra sense of security. Physiotherapists advise the use of knee sleeves especially when recovery from an injury and placing the knee under pressure. Weightlifters regularly wear knee sleeves when performing squats, dead-lifts,  the snatch etc because the knee can be vulnerable during these exercises.

It is also recommended to wear a Mueller knee sleeve at work when a great deal of heavy lifting is involved. Many doctors advise the wearing of knee sleeves to help prevent swelling or aches occurring when lifting heavy on a daily basis.

Make sure you don't miss out on a great deal. Visit us online for our full range of knee sleeves and supports at

*** This offer is exclusive of VAT and is Only while stocks last ***


20% OFF Therapy in Motion Pentagon & Trapezoidal Massage Bolsters at Vivomed

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20% OFF Therapy in Motion Pentagon and Trapezoidal Massage Bolsters

Given the increase into massage therapy Vivomed are offering 20% OFF Pentagon & Trapezoidal Massage Bolsters for ONE WEEK ONLY.

Whether it be a spa treatment or a sports massage the high-end competition in this sector has forced professional therapists to stock up on the best possible equipment in order to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.

Massage bolsters can be used in a variety of different ways in order to guarantee luxury & relief. No matter if it is below the knee or even under the back these bolsters enhance the overall experience.

Bolsters are vital to all therapist to help provide comfort for your clients and can help relieve muscle strain. Can be used with the Elite Pro portable massage table, Plinth 2000 and all other massage tables.

20% OFF Therapy in Motion Pentagon & Trapezoidal Massage Bolster Cushions at

20% OFF Therapy in Motion Pentagon & Trapezoidal Massage Bolster Cushions at

Trapezoidal (Triangular) Bolster Cushion

Our trapezoidal bolster helps provide functionality along with durability in order to relieve muscle strain and increase comfort during treatments. They are designed to support your customer’s knees, ankles, neck or elbows to maximise relaxation.


Pentagon Bolster Cushion

Similar to the trapezoidal the Pentagon Bolster provides support in the aid of relieving muscular strain. This bolster helps to improve relaxation for customers and clients throughout treatments adding to the luxury of the service you provide.


This is a great opportunity to stock up on necessary equipment, to see our full range visit us online at At Vivomed we have a team of medically qualified professionals, enabling us to augment the efficient supply of first-aid, physiotherapy and medical equipment with help and advice when needed. We pride ourselves on our high levels of service, range of products and value for money. Vivomed offers a variety of different styles in order to meet the needs of every therapist, every client and every treatment.


Survived Glastonbury? Enjoy post-Festival pampering with Spafinder and 10% off!

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Soothe your dancing feet and relax those aching muscle with a UK spa break. 10% off on all gift voucher orders over £50 using code WELLNESS10

Home to an impressive array of spa experiences; from tranquil spa breaks in rural Yorkshire, relaxing getaways in coastal Devon to urban retreats in London. Plan your next UK spa break with our UK spa guide:

Link: <a href="!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=" onmouseover="self.status=''; return true;" onmouseout="self.status=''; return true;" target="_top">Spafinder Wellness 365</a>

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Marathon runners - treat yourself with 10% off Spafinder vouchers!

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Make a visit to a spa part of your final Marathon training plan or soothe your aching muscles with a post-run treat!

Great for massage, facials, yoga, Pilates & more. One voucher, access to 25,000+ spa & wellness locations worldwide.

Enjoy 10% off on all gift voucher orders over £50.

Link: <a href="!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=" onmouseover="self.status=''; return true;" onmouseout="self.status=''; return true;" target="_top">Spafinder Wellness 365</a>

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FREE award winning Muscle Rub!

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We've just gone live with promotion to get FREE award winning Muscle Rub worth £6.95. As you know, we ordinarily only sell Nectar and For Goodness Shakes brands on, however I'm hoping to introduce 3rd party products going forward, this being the first gift with purchase type promotion. I therefore expect this to gain traction with our customers as it isn't something we've done before.

FREE Muscle Rub worth £6.95 on £50 spend at

There is strictly limited promo stock on this and once it's all sold out, we'll remove the promotion. If you want to put an expiry date, I'd opt for Monday 4th, but if stocks sell before then, I'll send another note.


Many Thanks