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UP TO 30% OFF ALL SIZES OF VIVO TAN TAPE SPORT only at www.vivomed.com

Up to 30% OFF Vivo Tan Tape Sport at Vivomed.com

The brand new VIVO TAN TAPE SPORT is a fantastic entry level Rayon Zinc Oxide tape. This tape offers a much stronger material of zinc oxide than its cotton alternative.

The two market leading Rayon Zinc Oxide tapes include the Leukotape P and the Vivotape P. This tape offers you a very similar strength and adhesive level of tape at a lower cost in the same tan colour to the market leaders.

Many people use this tape for the strapping of limbs or joints to help immobilise them. Zinc oxide tapes are used by many athletes to help injuries and also as a precaution to prevent any further injuries occurring during sports and exercise. Applying tape to limbs and joints help to add a valuable level of compression which helps to increase blood flow in that particular body part. As a result, this level of compression reduces pain, not only during but also after performance.

With three different sizes of tape available it allows the user to select the most suitable size for themselves depending on the limb or joint they are applying to. Box quantities are also available for purchase and are regularly purchased by sports clubs and organisations to ensure stock is available through the sporting season.



The tan colour of this product enables to tape to blend neatly when applied to the skin making it less noticeable during sports activities. Rugby and NFL professionals regularly apply this type just as an extra insurance policy to prevent further injuries occurring. This strong rigid tape is also easily tearable by hand which is another major benefit of using this tape. With up to 30% off all sizes for one week this is the perfect time to avail of the opportunity.

Vivo Tan Tape Sport 2.5cm x 10m



Vivo Tan Tape Sport 2.5cm x 10m

£1.74 excl VAT




Vivo Tan Tape Sport 3.8cm x 10m



Vivo Tan Tape Sport 3.8cm x 10m

£2.60 excl VAT




Vivo Tan Tape Sport 5cm x 10m



Vivo Tan Tape Sport 3.8cm x 10m

£3.41 excl VAT




For more information and to see our full range of zinc oxide tapes visit us online at www.vivomed.com.

***This offer is while stocks last***

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