O2 Planned Commission Changes

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Hi all,

We're getting in touch to let you know about some planned changes to the O2 program that will take place on the 7th March. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Commission Changes 

From the 7th of March O2 mobile broadband commission rates will be split into prepay and postpay product sales. Prepay refers to products that are bought upfront at the full price and postpay refers to contract mobile broadband products. This change has been brought in because of changes in O2 product tariffs since the commission rates were originally set. The majority of mobile broadband products are available in prepay and postpay options. These new commission rates better reflect the value of the product being sold and are more simply split. Please note that in your transactions report on Darwin these sales will still be split out by the product type as well (MBBdongles, pocket hotspots, wearable tech and in-car wifi).

Prepay Mobile Broadband products – 2% of overall cost

(Includes mobile broadband dongles, pocket hotspots, wearable tech and in-car wifi)

Postpay Mobile Broadband products - £5 flat fee

(Includes mobile broadband dongles, pocket hotspots, wearable tech and in-car wifi)


New product - In-Car Wifi

As mentioned above, these new commission groups will include sales of O2’s new In-Car Wifi products that are available as prepay and postpay.


Change to Terms & Conditions

O2 will be adding the following new condition to the program from 7th March:

 ‘Commission will not be paid to cashback and loyalty sites in conjunction with any voucher or discount code unless agreed in writing with O2’.

The reason this condition will be added to the program is because O2 cannot provide a customer with a double discount. This does not apply to non-incentivised affiliates. If you have any queries about whether your site is incentivised or not please feel free to get in touch.


Kind regards,
The o2 Affiliate Team

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