IMPORTANT - Primus Saver New Products - Live tomorrow

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Just a reminder that the Primus Saver product changes on Phone & Broadband and credit check policy, will be live from tomorrow, Friday 1st of August 2014. We will be launching two new products to go with the current Unlimited Saver product, see below for details or check out the products on the test page here

The changes will see:

  • Withdrawal of £1.20 20GB Phone & Broadband Package
  • Temporary withdrawal of Fibre-Optic Packages
  • Introduction of Credit Checks
  • Intorduction of 2 new Unlimited phone & broadband packages

If you missed it, please read this post as to the reasons behind these changes. Please prepare your site(s) and remove the £1.20 offer and fibre offers as of tomorrow for 9am. Your links will still go to the same site but if you were deep linking to products you may have to change them tomorrow. We will drop an email round once it's live.

New Products (links go to the test page please do not use for deep links)

Unlimited Broadband Basic - £2.50 per month (£14.90 p/m line rental)

Our no frill package at only £2.50 per month still includes no download or data limits, free router, free activation but has no free calls. Perfect for those who don't use their home phone for outgoing calls.

Unlimited Broadband Saver - £2 per month for the first 6 months (£4 p/m after) £14.90 p/m line rental

We have kept our most popular selling product the Unlimited Saver from £2 per month. It has no data limits, free router and activation but also includes free evening and weekend calls. This is our best selling package with the £4 per month cost halved to £2 per month for the first 6 months.

Unlimited Broadband Max - £2 per month for the first 6 months (£4 p/m after) £15.40 p/m line rental plus £3 per month for calls

This is our brand new Anytime Calls Package for those who want to enjoy free anytime calls for only £3 per month extra. That's a fixed cost for all calls day or night. Perfect for those who still use their landline a lot. It still comes with all the same offers as the others, free router, free activation and unlimited data it has the added bonus of anytime calls for just £3 per month.

Please note all Business products, including Fibre-Optic ones, will continue the same as before.

If you have any questions, or problems then please get in touch. We will be sending out another email shortly with full details on the new products.


Chris & the Primus Saver Team

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