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Kids grow up faster than you ever think they will. What that sometimes means from an interior design perspective is that they outgrow their spaces faster than you can keep redecorating them, and with redecorating being expensive, it grows tiring quickly.  But your kids still deserve to live in spaces that suit their personalities and make them feel safe and understood, so the best solution is to get a little creative with your décor process. Here are some easy ways to come up with a room that will grow with your child.

Buy your important pieces carefully

Important pieces aren’t just essentials- they’re the parts of a room that become focal points. In a bedroom, this will be the bed and possibly some other pieces like wardrobes and desks. If you want this room to grow with your child, you need to pick pieces which are well made and will last for a long time- at Arista we have a great selection of beds, and even some which are specially made for kids.  You’ll also want to make sure that these match with each other and with a range of colours so that you can switch it up later on.

Think about what you’ll need in the future

If your little one is young enough to just need space to sleep and play, you might still want to think about making space for the things they’ll need later, like bookcases and desks for when they start school.

Find good storage

The best way to create a room that can grow day-to-day is to have enough space to store old toys when they’re no longer being used or played with. This means that the room stays clean and organised without becoming boring.

Involve your child

At the end of the day, it’s your little one who has to live in the bedroom you create, and they’ll definitely love it a lot more if they have a say in designing it!  Letting them help you to pick furniture or decorations will add a touch that feels personal to them.

Divide and conquer

You can make the room more manageable by dividing it up into sections- one for playing, one for sleeping, and then one later on for working/doing homework in. This means that you can update the room section by section, rather than overhauling the whole thing at once.

Have fun with it!

The most important thing is that the room is a calm and stimulating space for your child to grow up in, so create their space with them in mind and you can’t really go wrong.

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