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Take advantage of high commissions and high conversion rates this month!

Written by postgoldforcash on . Posted in Awin, Fashion, Finance, Jewellery, Promotion

January is a peak month for cash for gold conversions as consumers are hugely cash strapped. With the price of gold still high and with an added consumer incentive of winning £1,000 if they're Postgoldforcash's 100,000th customer, conversion rates will be particulalry strong this month. Furthermore we're still offering handsome commission tiers on a cost per lead model (unlike many gold buyers). Please see the programme for more details.

1 - 20 packs £15
21 - 50 packs £16.50
51 - 100 packs £18
101+ packs £20

For affiliates who believe they can generate substantial volume (50+ leads) in a month please get in contact to discuss the opportunity first. Unfortunately due to poor performance we are unable to accept incentive based affiliates at this stage (this includes freebies/competitions/vouchers/cashback). As we're paying on a lead basis we have to monitor the offsite conversion rate which via these channels is very poor.

If in doubt please don't hesitate to get in touch with me (

New banner creative is also available in the programme interface.

Other Conditions

- Any affiliate wishing to use email promotion must also have prior written consent from Adido/

- PPC affiliates will be considered but must not link directly to, please get in touch for further information.

- Affiliates expecting/hoping to drive more than 50 leads a month must seek approval from Adido prior to going live.