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Exciting New Affiliate Campaign: The Book of Everyone

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Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to one of the most talked about campaigns so far this year!
This is an innovative website that builds a 50 page personalised book for anyone, anywhere in the world at the click of a button!

The Book of Everyone is being talked about throughout the media world; from Metro Online to the Chris Evans show on BBC Radio 2 everyone loves the product and there's a real hype for it. The Book of Everyone are heavily pushing their brand name at the moment with adverts on the London Underground and also in major train stations - and this is really just the tip of their marketing iceberg.
For father’s day they have created the astonishing “Book of Dads” which they are producing to raise money for charity. Find out more here.

The Campaign:
Simple and engaging process to create a lovely looking 50 page book
Payout: 10% Total Sale Value (Hardback £24.50)
Email and Display Creatives Available

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