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Program Launch -

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New Programme –

We are excited to announce the launch of the affiliate program on Affiliate Window!

 £50 commission on each sale driven through carwow

  • Customers save £3,000+ on average
  • Banners & widgets to help your promotion
  • 90 day window for your users to convert to sale

What is carwow?

We’re a comparison site for new car buyers. We launched late 2013 and have recently been able to grow into the biggest car comparison site in the UK having sold more than £150m worth of cars in the UK (Dec 2014) and saving customers more than £14m. We firmly believe this is the best way to buy a new car!

 How does it work?

Customers come to our site to either research or get deals on new cars. When a customer chooses to get deals, we let them configure their car then submit their specification to our network of dealers. The customer then gets sent quotes from our dealer network and can choose to get in touch with who they want to do business with.

The customers cannot be contacted by the dealers unless they choose to be (so there's no spam). We then let the customer and the dealer do business (over the phone, email or in person), we then get notified when the sale occurs which is when we get our commission. Aside from that we're free to use for both customer and dealer.

 Why be an affiliate?

Like we said, we believe carwow is the best way for consumers to buy cars. So we want to spread the message and let other websites take part. We will give you the tools needed to drive potential customers to our site to sign up, once they do they will be recorded in our database as being delivered by an affiliate. If that customer makes a sale we will share the commission with you. We operate on a standard list click model to track signups and allow 90 days for that customer once signed up to convert to a sale. We'll pay £50 commission on each sale. 

 To join our program of view details please click here or visit the URL below!

Queries? Contact us!

If you have any queries, or want to ask us anything please feel free to get in touch or