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If you’re feeling a change this Christmas, maybe the answer is to challenge yourself to a different decorating style than you’d normally go for. If you’re looking to put down the red-and-gold ornaments you’ve been using for years, and try and challenge yourself to stick to something a little more chic, we’ve got you covered. In the runup to Christmas we’ll be looking at different decorating styles and discussing how to get them done quickly and without breaking the bank.

This week, we’re tackling minimalism, which can be a tricky aesthetic to get right around Christmas- too much decoration and you lose the minimalist feel, but too little kills the festive spirit. However, when done right, a minimalist Christmas strips the season down to just the bits that feel important to you personally. It also has an aesthetic that some people find more relaxing than traditional decorations, making the home seem cosier and less stressful.

 A good way to achieve the look is by picking our one or two colours, which complement your existing décor, and sticking to them.  To create a minimalist space, you’ll want to use colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, because they’ll create a more relaxing space. For example, if you’ve got a cream bed like this one, you might want to consider adding in greens or golds, which will complement the yellow undertones of the cream.

Another great idea for balancing minimalist décor without becoming dull is to spread it out evenly- rather than concentrating all of your decorations in one room, make sure each room has a few pieces that match. It’s also really helpful to relocate the décor you already had out so that things don’t seem cluttered- if you’ve got an ottoman bed like this one the job is a lot easier, but failing that, make sure to store things somewhere that they won’t get lost or damaged.

Last but not least, there are a few simple pieces that will always look great- warm white string  lights have a huge impact without being over-the-top, as does winter greenery. Whatever you decide to do, remember that the whole point of this tradition is to do things that make you feel happy and festive, and focus on achieving that rather than perfection.

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