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Happy Friday!

I wanted to make you aware of some new content we have for the ActionAid Affiliate program....

As an affilaite partner of ActionAid you are contributing to their incredible work with children in poverty around the world. Below is the story of Concilie, a little girl who has been helped by the program. We have lots of similar stories that we would love you to share with your users so together we can work to end poverty and improve the lives of many more children.

And remember, in return for your help promoting the program, we are offering up to £40 commission per sign up as well as regular bonuses for top performing partners.

Concilie is 11 and lives in a very poor part of Burundi. Concilie and her friends were struggling to get a good education. Her school was made of plastic sheets. When it rained water poured in ruining their school books. She found it impossible to hear the teacher and concentrate on her lessons because there were over 100 children in a class.
Thanks to ActionAid child sponsorship a new school has been built by her village.
“The school that ActionAid has built for us is much better and strong - classes have window glass, a strong roof and a lot of chairs,” said Concilie. “We do not have too many students in the class which makes it easier to listen to the teacher. The new school is much better - it has even got toilets,” says Concilie.

Why not watch Concilie's video, or share it with your users!

This year ActionAid is trying to find sponsors for over 11,000 children like Concilie who urgently need help to get a quality education. For just 50p a day you can help a child and their friends to get a valuable education which will help them break the cycle of poverty.

Please help us find more sponsors now.
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