With Guide Dog Oscar, Hannah Can Follow Her Dreams

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With Guide Dog Oscar, Hannah Can Follow Her Dreams

This week at Guide Dogs, we would like to share how Hannah regained her confidence and ultimately, her independence.

Studying for exams and planning for the future can be a challenging time for any teenager – but imagine how 12 year old Hannah felt when she lost almost all of her eyesight. Hannah remembers this time:

"I found it hard to leave the house, get to school, or find my own way between classes by myself anymore. For the first time, I had to rely on my family, friends and teachers for help."

A couple of years later, life became much easier for Hannah when she was partnered with her first guide dog Oscar, giving her the confidence to be independent again and follow her dreams. With Oscar by her side, Hannah catches the bus to school every day where she is studying A-levels. Following her exams this summer she is hoping to move away from home to complete a degree in Maths and Special Educational Needs at university. Of course Oscar will be going too!

A little message from Jackie, Hannah's mum...

"When Hannah lost her full vision, Oz came in to plug the gap. I don’t worry when Hannah and Oz go out, because she’s safe with him."

Why we need your help

-Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind.

-There are over 30,000 visually impaired children and young people in the UK

-A visually impaired person could be partnered with as many as eight dogs in their lifetime, and each partnership costs £35,500.

Please donate now and help us train more guide dogs. The more guide dogs we train, the more lives we can change.

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