Weight Watchers Monthly Newsletter: March

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Dear Affiliates,

I hope you’re well!

This March, Weight Watchers are introducing a range of effective approaches that will encourage weight loss, gradually increase fitness levels and allow everyone to eat the way they want.

Each approach is tailored to the individual and their needs. For instance, if you would like to increase the protein in your diet, Weight Watchers have an approach that incorporates higher levels of protein and lower levels of carbohydrates to help reach that end goal. For further details, see below:

1. Filling and Healthy
Healthy meals that taste delicious! With hundreds of nutritious meal choices, this approach is ideal if you do not want to weigh, measure and count everything.

2. Lower Carb
Looking to lower carb intake? With the lower carb approach, this is possible! Weight Watchers will help create a meal plan that is low in carbs and higher in protein for a lighter way to healthy weight loss.

3. Vegetarian
Not a meat eater? No worries; Weight Watchers will provide the inspiration for that perfect recipe, with a range of vegetarian meal ideas.

4. Higher Carb
Choose this approach to enjoy your favourite carbs and still lose weight. All in moderation of course!

5. Mediterranean
For those that enjoy sunshine flavours, this approach is perfect! It includes fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and just the right amount of healthy olive oil.

7. Gluten free
If gluten is a no go, Weight Watchers offer a healthy gluten free weight loss approach to fit perfectly into any balanced diet.

8. Intermittent
Whatever way you like to get flexibility in your week, you can create an approach that means you eat small on some days to eat big on the others.

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