Wallis: December's Blogger of the Month

Written by daniel.titmuss on . Posted in Fashion, Fashion

Dear Affiliates

Wallis have officially launched their blogger contest!

As a brand they are highly content focused and a keen to build a relationship with Affiliate Window's amazing bloggers - what better time to do this than Christmas.

Wallis will be setting monthly themes for you to blog about, and if you send a link or screenshot over to the Wallis Affiliate team, we will ensure you are considered for their blogger of the month title. This will allow you to display the below icon on your site for the entire following month. The title will be given to the blog Wallis feel represents the brand and collection best.

Because everyone is getting into the party spirit over the holidays, December's theme will be 'Partywear'. Have a look around the partywear section of Wallis and check out some of the great lines available. If something catches your eye, feel free to get in touch with us and we can try and get some imagery/creative over to you.

Finally, as an incentive, Wallis are offering bloggers an Exclusive £10 off a £25 spend for December only to all entrants to use as they wish.

So hurry and let us know if this is of interest! The incentive starts on Monday 1st December, so send us over your exposure to get the exclusive code.



The Wallis Affiliate Team - wallis@affiliatewindow.com