Vodafone: Samsung Galaxy SIII Buy Now from 7pm! Plus SIM Only extended minutes!

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Samsung Galaxy SIII goes to Buy Now from 7pm tonight!

We're excited to announce this year's most eagerly anticipated handset - the Samsung Galaxy SIII - is available to buy from 7pm this evening (29th May)!

Key Info:

The following is included in this email:
• eVoucher usage – 3MHPLR is allowed!
• Product Features
• Commission Rates & Tracking
• Vodafone USPs for the consumer
• Tariffs and Deeplinks
• Banners
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eVoucher usage – 3MHPLR is allowed!

• The 3 months half price line rental code (‘3MHPLR’) will work on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The code applies to 18 and 24 month contracts. Please promote the code heavily as it’s a USP and good volume driver.
• The code can’t be used on cashback and loyalty sites.

Product Features

This is by far the most technologically advanced handset in the last 12 months. Below are some key features:

• S Voice – Command your phone through your voice and not your touch.
• Social Tag – Links pictures with social media sites.
• Direct Call – Knows when you want to call and dials for you.
• Smart Stay – Knows when you’re looking at the phone and doesn’t time out or go on standby.
• Smart Alert – Let’s you know you have a message when you’ve been away from your phone.
• 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display
• Many more features.

Commission Rates & Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy SIII will track as a normal handset at your current handset commission rate to these groups:

< or = £20.50 24 Month
< £36.00 24 Month
< or = £36.00 24 Month
< or = £26.50 18 Month
< £41.00 18 Month
< or = £41.00 18 Month
< £41.00 12 Month
< or = £41.00 12 Month

Vodafone USPs for the consumer (reasons to get the Samsung Galaxy SIII on Vodafone)

• 3 Months Data Test Drive – Unlimited data for first 3 months

“Get this week's most talked about smartphone and use as much data as you want for 3 months. Then you'll know which data package suits you best. Smart, eh?”

• Buyback

“At Vodafone, we buy your old phone up to the value of £300. So, you can buy this week's most talked about smartphone. Smart, eh?”

• 3MHPLR code (except cashback and loyalty)

*Please note the 100 Free Music Tracks was for Pre-order only*


The Samsung Galaxy SIII handsets are available in Blue or White. As always, we recommend you promote the cheapest price plan on which the phone is free. These suggested price points are respectively outlined below:

Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB

900 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB Data
Free From £41 month (24 months)



Samsung Galaxy SIII 32GB (Exclusive to Vodafone for pre-order period):

1200 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB Data
Free From £46 month (24 months)



We will change the Pre-Order Banners to the new Buy Now banners at 9am on the 30th May. Please note, these should change on your site automatically if you are already using the Pre-Order Banners! The banners can be located in Darwin.

£26 SIM Only Extra Minutes Offer Extended!

£26 SIM Only – Now with 3000 UK minutes (was 900). Offer ends 31st July
3000 minutes (was 900), 1GB Internet, unlimited texts (12 months)
Included Data Traveller – up to 25MB per day in Europe for no extra cost.

Don’t forget you can use the e-voucher ‘MSIM3HP’ to get 3 Months Half Price Line Rental on all 12 month SIM Only plans.

*The £31 12 month SIM Only has been removed from the Vodafone site*

Happy Promoting!

The Vodafone Affiliate Team