Vodafone: Important Consumer Programme Changes

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We hope you are well.

We’d like to inform you of a few changes to the Vodafone Consumer programme that will take place over the next month. In short, these include a new set of commission groups and new commission rates.


The new commission group breakdown will give you more transparency and flexibility of what you are selling when you are selling it.

There is greater opportunity for higher earnings as you control which tariff cost you want to push.

The groups will allow us to be more strategic and varied with our promotions, allowing us to create more appealing promotional opportunities.


  1. 1. New Tracking Solution – 25th January

From 25th January we will be using a new tracking solution, namely Tagman.  We have planned integration to run with plenty of testing to ensure a smooth transition, so this in itself will not affect you. Please note - all your links will still work as normal.


  1. 2. New Commission Groups – 25th January

On the same day (25th January) new commission groups will come into effect for postpay products (pay monthly handsets, Sim Only and Mobile Broadband). The main difference is that where present commission groups are split by product category, the new groups will be more granular – grouping by tariff cost and length. However, only the iPhone 4S will now fall into its own commission group with tariff cost and length breakdown (previously the iPhone3GS and iPhone4 were split out as well). At this point, no change will be made to commission rates, so you should be unaffected unless you use commission group reports in Darwin.


  1. 3. New Commission Rates – 1st February

From the 1st February, new commission rates will come into effect to match the new commission groups as below. There are some reductions in the rates for Sim Only and Mobile Broadband and no commission will be payable on iPhone4s sales (This is part of Vodafone’s wider strategy). However, significant increases are available on more expensive tariffs (e.g. a 24 month contract of £36 or above will be remunerated at £37.50 commission rather than £17). Note that as standard and unless otherwise agreed, commission is paid per application (so you will not be subject to declines due to credit checks and cancellations). For cashback and loyalty sites, slightly different rates apply.


The breakdowns are in this spreadsheet:



Q. How will the commission group changes affect my earnings?

A. The breakdowns have remained fairly competitive; commission values are on a growing scale in line with the cost/length of a tariff. It really depends on which tariffs you are currently promoting and selling. You will have to work out your past commission to the new rates as it will vary per affiliate – ultimately some will instantly benefit and some will be impacted. If you are impacted by the rate change, the benefit is you can now promote higher value tariffs and contract lengths to increase your earnings.

Q. How can I grow my programme using these new commission groups?

A. As mentioned above, the new granular commission groups allow you to decide how much you earn as they give you the freedom and transparency to promote the tariffs you want.


If you have any further questions, please contact Vodafone@affiliatewindow.com



The Vodafone Team