UPDATES from Good Morning Snore Solution - New Website! New Promotion! Make More Commissions!

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Hello Everyone!


We have so many exciting things to tell you so lets get right to it:


First, www.goodmorningsnoresolution.co.uk has a brand new website and it looks fantastic!


Launch Incentive

Good Morning Snore Solution affiliates can earn £20.00 per sale (approx 30% CPA) with the average sale price being approx £70.00 for two anti snoring devices.

Also! Earn £10.00 Bonus payment when you make your first two sales!


Standard Commissions

Affiliates can earn £16.00 (approx 25%) CPA when you generate between 1 and 5 sales per month and £20.00 (approx 30%) CPA when you generate 6 or more sales per month.


The Good Morning Snore Solution is recommended and sold by doctors across Canada, America and now the UK and Europe.
Other Great Reasons to Promote Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS):
Buy One Get One Free Customer Offer
Brand New UK Website & Australian localized sites
60 Day Cookie Period
Exciting High Converting Creative



Only better than snoring week, we are giving everyone a 15% coupon, valid for 1 month (April 15th to May 15th, 2014), to every affiliate in the network that is currently promoting Good Morning Snore Solution. If you are not promoting GMSS already, now is the time to sign up! BECAUSE... The affiliate who has the largest amount of gross sales wins an optimization consultation us! We will have a virtual conversation and go over your site with a fine tooth comb, check out your landers and then have a talk about your strategy. The winner will be announced on May 3rd, 2014. The COUPON code will be announced on March 11th to give everyone plenty of time to sign up.

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Thanks everyone and remember you can contact me (Jace) for all of your UK, Europe or Australian Campaign questions or comments at sales@builderbuds.com


Best regards,