Up to 20% Offer Dog Food - October Offers.

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This weeks special offers come in the form of our big range of Dog food.

Including Fish4Dogs food - this includes a whole new range called Superior.

The Superior range has three distinct products.

Superior Adult / Superior Puppy / Superior Weight Control.

Lastly on the food front we haven't forgotton our selection of Dog Treats! With 10% off products including new Sea Hide & Sea Wraps.

Doggie Solutions premium quality Dog food - 20% Off.

All happening this month.

Other offers for this month include 15% off our Dog bed range which includes top quality beds by Danish Design.

10% off our Flexi lead collection and flashing leads, collars & harnesses.

Dog toys including new designs from Skinneeez will also be 10% off - We're not done with the 10% off theme this month, with 10% off our Dog coats including the Buster Softshell Outdoor Wear Jackets all in preperation for those harsh coming winter months - This includes our reflective coats as well.

Dont forget to grab a Collar or two from our gigantic collection of Rogz products all 10% off this October.

Dog Food - Up to 20% Off.

Doggie Solutions Super Premium Dog Food - 20% off.

10% Off Flashing collars - Leads - Harnesses

10% Off Our Dog Toys Range!

10% Off Flexi Leads!