Unique interior ideas for your healthy home

Written by Mel_Carat on . Posted in Home & Garden, Home & Garden, Ireland, Property, Property, UK

It’s all very well having a neat and tidy home, but wouldn’t it be better if your décor reflected your personality? If you fancy adding some character to your home, take a look at our quick tips below, which will show you how to create a home that’s as stylish as it is hygienic.

Tip 1: Be inspired
The internet is a hive of inspirational images - if you're looking for a great place to start, take a look at the fantastically creative results of our recent mosaic tile challenge, where bloggers transformed items using pieces of tile. For more refreshing ideas, visit also our Design & Inspiration page, presenting the latest trends and useful online tools, all designed to help you get inspired!

Tip 2: Focus on the flooring
While carpet can be cosy, it's bad news if you have pets or long hair yourself - or if you don't fancy spending every other day hovering to keep it dust-free. For flooring that's easy to get clean - and keep clean - consider swapping carpets for laminate or real wood flooring. Having the ability to wet-wipe the floor will remove much more dust and dirt - eliminating many potential irritants. And the good news is that we offer a wider choice of Laminate, Solid Wood, Engineering Wood & Vinyl floorings in different colours, to your suit your interior design ideas!

Tip 3: Express yourself in unusual ways…and places!
Our patterned and mixed coloured tiles are full of character and also easy to maintain! They can be used throughout your home - for example, if you'd prefer to stick to neutral colours in your kitchen and living room, why not have some interior décor fun in the bathroom or make a bold impression in your hallway or conservatory? Before committing to using bright tiles in a certain room, why not make the most of our Tile Visualiser tool to see how they'll look? It could be just what you need to give you the confidence to bring more of your personality into your home!

Tip 4: Stay up to date - but know what's "you"
Modern design is an exciting field, but one that moves on at a very fast pace. To avoid costly purchases that'll quickly become old hat, why not stay up to date by regularly visiting interior design sites, shows, and exhibitions, but ensure you keep a sense of what really reflects your tastes. Don't get too caught up in what's "hot" now - unless you have money to burn!