Top 10 Bestsellers At Stress No More

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Stress No More

This week, Stress No More brings you their top 10 best selling products. These top quality items range from the KE Gel Kegel Exercise Lubricant to the Shape N Shield Briefs.

Top 10 Bestsellers
Kegel8 Exercise Cones
Kegel8 Exercise Cones
- Kegel8 vaginal exercise cones
- 3 assorted weights with indicator wand
- 12 week pelvic exercise plan included
- Indicator shows you are exercising correctly
- Fast & effective way to pelvic floor strength
Our Price £26.99

KE Gel Kegel Exercise Lubricant
KE Gel Kegel Exercise Lubricant
- All new formula KE Gel from Kegel8
- Body-friendly and water based gel lubricant
- Formulated to make your kegel exercises more comfortable and effective
- Perfect to use everyday for intimate dryness
- Silky smooth and natural sensation
Our Price £6.99

Amielle Comfort Set - Vaginal Dilators
Amielle Comfort Set - Vaginal Dilators
- Developed by GPs & Gynaecologists
- Prevents scarring following surgery & radiotherapy
- Use if you experience painful intercourse
- Graduated sizes for extra comfort with handle
- Helpful DVD instructions
Our Price £53.99

Kegel8 Ultra Vitality
Kegel8 Ultra Vitality
- Regain and maintain your pelvic tone
- Revitalise your sex life with its custom designed programme
- Optimum connectivity with the muscle bed
- You’ll really notice a real difference...and so will he!
Our Price £139.99

Kegel8 Ultra Plus
Kegel8 Ultra Plus
- Two probes so you can find the best for you
- 14 Programmes: Stress, Prolapse, Urge, Mixed
- Strengthens, tightens & tones within weeks
- The UK's best selling Kegel exerciser
- Grade 1 Medical Device for Kegel Exercises
Our Price £139.99

Shape N Shield Briefs
Shape N Shield Briefs
- Shape & shield with tummy control
- Supporting material for shape & comfort
- Absorbent gusset effective protection against leaks
- Discreet to wear under clothing
- Available in a wide range of waist sizes
Our Price £7.99

Hi Genie Antibacterial Cleanser
Hi Genie Antibacterial Cleanser
- Body friendly
- Antibacterial Cleanser
- Safe for toys, safe for your body
- Water soluble, no staining or residue
- Anti bacterial cleanser, spray & go!
Our Price £4.99

Kegel8 Toner - Tight & Tone
Kegel8 Toner - Tight & Tone
- Makes pelvic floor exercise quick and easy
- Accurately exercises pelvic muscles for you
- Programmes for pelvic health, incontinence and muscle endurance
- Results within weeks!
Our Price £98.99

Contiform Vaginal Pessary
Contiform Vaginal Pessary
- Contiform Vaginal Pessary (formally IncoFree)
- Protects from leaks and aids pelvic exercise
- So soft, easy and comfortable to use, can be worn all day
- Can be used while menstruating (not with tampons)
- Supports the urethra and restores the body’s natural anatomy
- Provides immediate relief - even during exercise
Our Price £34.99

Gel Toe Pad Bunion Protector
Gel Toe Pad Bunion Protector
- Gel Toe Pad for relief of bunion pain
- Unique sewn-in gel pad to support and cushion
- One size fits all
- Snug design prevents squeezing and rubbing
- Made from Nylon and Spandex for a close, comfortable fit
Our Price £6.99