TonerGiant launch on Affiliate Window!

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Hello there,

I’ve got some fantastic news to share with you…We have now launched TonerGiant on the Affiliate Window network (merchant 5500) and we’ve got some great introductory commission levels for you!

Who are TonerGiant?

If you've never heard of us before, where have you been hiding? 😉 Let me fill you in….

We launched in November 2006, we were already successfully supplying ink and toner cartridges to home users across the UK with which we launched in 2003 (merchant 808).

CartridgeMonkey was of the very first merchants on the network and once upon a time we were actually the largest merchant. We created TonerGiant to provide the same great service to businesses across the UK; but with a more business like look and feel (CartridgeMonkey has always been fun and quirky).

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to provide the best possible service to our customers and put them first, and that’s why our customers always come back to us…and now we’re the largest and best loved online supplier of printer cartridges in the UK! In fact don’t take our word on it, read what one of our customers said about us here.

What’s in it for you?

Now that I've finished rabbiting on about us, I'm sure you wondering what’s in it for you! Well, we would really love to have you on our program promoting us and I think it would be great for you too and here’s why:

I've created some really nice introductory commission levels that mean great returns for you and your customers:

  • Clearance items - 20%
  • Original Toner cartridges – 5.5%
  • Compatible Toner Cartridges – 8%
  • Original ink cartridges – 4%
  • Compatible ink cartridges – 7%
  • Printers – 1%
  • Photo & Office Paper – 5%
  • All other products – 3%
  • Cookie length is 45 days
  • Fast commission validation (I do that every day!)

If that didn't already convince you, here’s a little info about our customers & website:

  • We offer Free next day courier delivery on everything!
  • Award winning customer care
  • The average order value on TonerGiant is £145 (compared to CartridgeMonkey’s £40) and we often see orders over £2000!
  • Our customers return much more frequently, some customers even order 2-3 times per week.
  • We work hard on our website to make it easy for customers to use…..Our daily conversion rate on average is between 9-12% (that really trounces the typical industry 4%)

We also currently have a sale running at TonerGiant until 30th August for 15% off which will really help boost conversions for Customers visiting.

Join Today:

We really value the Affiliate Window network; affiliates on our program mean a lot to us and are a great link to our new and loyal customers. So if you haven’t already, join our program today!

If you want to chat with me about anything at all, please feel free to get in touch!

Thanks for reading!


Stuart Deavall

Web & Digital Marketing Manager

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