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Hi, Affiliates!

Not only are we able to offer you some of our best sellers at great prices, but we've also got savings of up to 60% OFF RRP on selected clearance lines!

These great offers won't wait around though and once stocks gone its gone!

We've also got some great new creative, available in a selection of different sizes, to help make putting these offers up even easier!

Product Price

Cordless Extendable Hedge Trimmer

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this long reach Cordless Extendable Hedge Trimmer from Victor Garden Tools allows hedges/bushes to be trimmed and shaped with ease!

A Best Seller At Only £69.99

Leather Palmed Gardening Gloves

Made from beautiful soft supple leather and tough cotton with a fleecy palm and finger lining, these gloves are available in two sizes, mens (10.5cm - 41/8ins) and ladies (9.5cm - 33/4ins).

A Great Bargain At Only £2.99


Lightweight Hedge Shears

Weighing in at just 788g (28oz) these high-tech Super Lightweight Hedge Shears are so light they can be worked with all day! And at 67cm (26 3/8ins) long they also provide extra long reach!

A Best Seller At Only £14.99


Triple Your Barrow Booster Bag

Increase the capacity of any wheelbarrow by up to 3 times and save time and energy with our triple your barrow booster bag!

Was £9.99  Now £5.28


Safety Ladder

We designed our ladder to the highest safety standards that we could to give you peace of mind. It has 3 safety rails to aid balance and 4 large treads with anti-slip rubber matting, anti-slip feet and is manufactured from strong tubular steel!

A Best Seller At Only £39.99


Drill Helper

DIY has become quicker and easier thanks to the Drill Helper’s innovative combination of laser beam technology, suction, dual spirit levels and dust collection!

Was £12.99  Now £5.21

    That's Better Than

          Half Price!


Gutter Protector

Keep gutters clear and free flowing with our special Gutter Protector. Made from a rigid nylon brush in 4m (13ft) lengths, placed in the gutter, the Gutter Protector’s 10cm (4in) “bristles” repel falling leaves and moss, allowing water to flow freely to the downpipe!

A Best Seller At Only £14.99


Instant Tap With Hose Hanger

Create an outside tap anywhere in the garden and take the water supply to where it's needed! Perfect for allotments and gardens, simply push the outside tap post spike into the ground and run a connecting hose from an existing outside tap!

Was £19.99  Now £7.24

    That's Better Than

          Half Price!


Don't wait around and put these items up right away!

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