Three: New additions / price changes

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Hi affiliates,

I hope you are well?

Three have some news for you!

Six months half price partially ending tonight:

6 months half price has been a great offer for Three and this expires at the end of today for all lines of business except SIM. This means Three will continue to offer the 24MO SIM at 6MHP, with an end date TBC. You could try and do some last-minute urgency pushes for the unlimited 24MO handsets today.

Handsets – live tomorrow (sales/time-limited i.e. only 1.5k devices or 2 weeks, whichever is met first):

Three have some great Samsung (and Xiaomi) offers for you but be sure to push these fast as there are limited Samsung devices available. Make sure to take advantage of the reduced pricing.

Samsung S10 (100GB) - £35.00 monthly, £29.00 upfront cost
Samsung S10 Plus (100GB) - £39.00 monthly, £49.00 upfront cost
Samsung S10e (100GB) - £28.00 monthly, £29.00 upfront cost
Xiaomi Mi8 (100GB) - £25.00 monthly, £19.00 upfront cost

Further to that, a new 4G device is being added to the Home Broadband section. The B535 is an upgrade of the HomeFi and should offer faster speeds for your customers. The UK average is 14mbps but Three have seen faster (and slower) speeds, so do not guarantee any speeds in your promotion. We advise you to request your customers to use a coverage checker before purchasing.

4G Home broadband – live today( please see below links):

Huawei B535 (Unlimited 24 months) - £23.00 monthly!!!id!!!&

Huawei B535 (Unlimited 12 months) – £28.00 monthly, £29.00 upfront cost!!!id!!!&

Kind regards

Three affiliate Team