The Willow Story At Guide Dogs

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The Willow Story At Guide Dogs

This week at Guide Dogs, we would like to tell you about Willow's legacy.


Our Guide Dogs mums and dads are at the heart of our service. So when we heard about Willow and her unexpected passing, to honour her life, we wanted to share her story and the wonderful legacy she left…

Willow was a beautiful, gentle German Shepherd whose wonderful temperament and bill of good health made her the perfect candidate to becoming a Guide Dog mum or, in our terminology, a brood bitch.

When she was placed with holder family, Steve & Lesley Cox, their three children and two Labradors all fell in love with her - and she adored them too. When out on family walks Willow loved free running but she'd never go out of sight and acted as mum by keeping the children together, she hated it if one of them ran off playing!

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- 180,000 blind and partially sighted people rarely leave home alone. Guide Dogs is committed to changing this.

- A visually impaired person could be partnered with as many as eight dogs in their lifetime, and each partnership costs £35,500.

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