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The Perfect Cellar have some fantastic promotions on site. See below for more details

6 - The Casual Red Selection


Experience two excellent reds from two of France’s best-loved wine regions: Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. We’ve selected winemakers who offer a level of quality and purity that you rarely find on the high street, from Domaine Baudry’s very intense Cabernet Franc Chinon to the rich and expressive Côtes du Castillon Bordeaux from Château Parsac.


WAS £74.93
NOW Just £62.94

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Six of The Worlds Best Vintage Reds


When quality counts, only the best will do. This case is all about quality, and takes you on a tour to some of the world’s best winemaking regions and some their finest wines. From a classic Châteauneuf-du-Pape (worth £50) and richly oaked Gran Reserva Rioja, to New World pure varietal triumphs of the Syrah and Malbec grapes, this is a case to wow the tastebuds


WAS £163.94
NOW Just £151.94

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6 - The Expert Mixed Case from France


Explore some of France’s best-loved wines with this fabulous case. Take a trip along the Loire river and visit delectable Chinon, bursting with all the herby fruity characteristics of the Cabernet Franc grape, and a classic Sauvignon Blanc from nearby Sancerre. Lastly, an opulent right-bank Bordeaux brings you a very modern and fruity claret.


WAS £74.94
NOW Just £62.86

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6 The Mediterranean Mixed Case Delight


This Italian and Spanish selection is great for those who like fine wine and wish to experience the pleasure of an Mediteranean wine adventure. Two varietal wines, from two countries and two great winemakers, this case lets you explore the luxurious side of red and white wines. This wines are all about flavour, character and terroir.


WAS £77.94
NOW Just £71.94

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6 Unmissable Whites and Roses


When the weather’s hot and you want refreshment, you shouldn’t have to settle for boring wine. As this case proves, summer drinking can be the most vibrant, flavoursome and refreshing wine of all. Taking you to the heart of France’s Loire Valley, these two wines from Sancerre, one rosé and one white, are the essence of summery tranquility.


WAS £94.44
NOW Just £82.32

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6 Five Star Gourmet Dessert Selection


For those with a sweet tooth, this sticky case is a dream come true. Sometimes a glass of chilled dessert wine is the only way to finish a meal, full of unmatched complexities and aromatic intensity. Whether you partner these two late harvested wines (one red, one white) with dessert, cheese, or just enjoy them by themselves, you’ll feel much sweeter.


WAS £148.44
NOW Just £136.44

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6 Luxurious Rose and Dessert Wine


This delectable case is all about heady indulgences, from the luscious summer fruit character of the Provençal rosé to the sweet gingerbread spiciness of the late harvest Gewurztraminer. Today, rosé is made all around the world, but still none compares to a well-made Provençal example. The Gewurztraminer just has to be tried to be believed…


WAS £112.94
NOW Just £104.94

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Fine Wine Delight - "First Tuesday Special"


This delightful Fine Wine Case has been especially created for the First Tuesday Group and contains some of France's finest wines - Many have found their way in the Wine List of well known 2 Michelin Star Restaurants (Joel Robuchon, the Ritz ...)
The Fine Rose Champagne offers a wonderful balance of aroma and complexity with a mousse which is full and very fine, while the nose is abundant with sweet cherry aromas and inviting fragrances of violet and peony flowers.
The Croix Boisee has an incredible depth of character as well as purity of fruit and terroir that transports you to the riverside of the Loire Valley
The Mas Amiel, an inky black wine made from 100% grenache noir grapes, is a very versatile wine that makes a delightful chilled aperitif, an excellent partner to pâtés, foie gras dishes and strong soft cheeses, or a luxurious accompaniment to rich warm chocolate desserts.
The Petit Bourgeois, from the esteemed Sancerre vigneron Henri Bourgeois. This is a delightfully pure and fresh wine that makes a fabulous aperitif or accompaniment to fish


WAS £499.82
NOW Just £399.00

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French Wine Relay


As the Olympic torch leaves Greece on its way to London, take your own sprint through the vineyards of France to celebrate with this amazing selection of wines.


WAS £127.38
NOW Just £119.99

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12 Authentic Whites


Take a trip around the world with this mouth-watering case of whites. Selected for the more adventurous drinker – those who like to experience the fabulous diversity of flavours and aromas out there – this selection features three varietals and one blend, taking in Italy, Chile, Spain and Argentina. Lesser known grape varieties made by excellent winemakers.


WAS £130.38
NOW Just £118.38

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