The New XFT-2001 Foot Drop System At StressNoMore

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The New XFT-2001 Foot Drop System At StressNoMore

StressNoMore is pleased to bring you one of the their brand new products, the XFT-2001 Foot Drop System. This cutting edge FES technology helps people with Stroke and MS to alleviate drop foot, rehabilitate muscles and walk again. To read more about this item, click here.

StressNoMore - XFT-2001 Foot Drop System


XFT-2001 Foot Drop System

Cutting edge FES technology helps people with Stroke and MS to alleviate drop foot, rehabilitate muscles and walk again.

  1. Alleviates symptoms of foot drop
  2. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology
  3. Gait mode stimulates muscles to lift foot with each step
  4. Traning mode strengthens and rehabilitates nerves and muscles
  5. Ideal for Stroke or MS sufferers

StressNoMore -  XFT-2001 Foot Drop System


How Does the XFT-2001 Foot Drop System work?

Self-adhesive skin electrodes are placed over the peroneal nerves at the top of the lower leg. A cuff is then wrapped over the top to connect them to a Functional Stimulation Unit. A wireless foot sensor is then placed in the shoe of the affected foot.

When the user takes a step and lifts their heel the sensor uses Bluetooth technology to notify the Stim Unit to apply a mild electrical impulse via the skin electrodes. This impulse stimulates the nerves, causing the muscles in the foot to contract. This causes the foot to flex upwards (dorsiflexion) and tilt slightly (eversion) in order to lift the toes up and prevent them dragging against the floor.

This improves balance and means that the ankle is supported when the foot hits the ground once again. Each step is less laboured, making the user’s ability to walk much easier, more comfortable and faster.

Plus, using FES technology for long periods of time helps to strengthen weak muscles and rehabilitate damaged nerves as it retrains the entire leg. With the exception of degenerative conditions such as MS, users will find that with time the severity of their foot drop will improve and they will be able to walk without the device and their muscles will naturally work to lift the foot.

This process is aided by the Training function on the Stim Unit. In Training mode the XFT-2001 will deliver targeted, persistent stimulation to exercise the muscles and make them stronger. There are five Training levels to choose from, each different depending on the existing strength of the muscles. The user will be able to slowly increase the intensity of their Training session to speed up the rehabilitation process.

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Our Price: £985.00