The Lora & Libby Story At Guide Dogs

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The Lora & Libby Story At Guide Dogs

This week at Guide Dogs, we would like to tell you about Lora and her guide dog Libby.

Lora was born with limited vision. Up until the age of five she could see colours, but now she can only see light and dark shadows. At the age of just 17, Lora was partnered with her guide dog Libby, and now she cannot imagine life without her.

If it wasn’t for Libby, Lora probably wouldn’t have gone to university and obtained a degree in physiotherapy; she might never have taken up cycling; and she wouldn’t have become World Champion in 2013. Lora narrowly missed out on gold at the London Paralympics, and her goal now is to win Paralympic gold in Rio in 2016. Lora told us that just finding her way without Libby to the velodrome for training sessions can be a draining experience, but when Libby is by her side she does not need to worry about navigating there safely and so can focus all her efforts into her cycling.

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- A visually impaired person could be partnered with as many as eight dogs in their lifetime, and each partnership costs £35,500.

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