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Hi Affiliates,

With Halloween just around the corner, we have put together a great edit for all  those last minute costume-shoppers, inspired by TV and film, our costumes are made up of things usually found in any person's wardrobe, so there's a costume for everyone.

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Walter White- Breaking Bad
One for all the jokers out there that don't mind walking around in their pants all night, a green shirt, a pair of pants, boots, socks and a fake gun make up this comical costume (perhaps one for the house party).


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The Fonz- Happy Days
For those that want an easy to throw on outfit that could be worn on a daily basis, The Fonz is a classic, indigo jeans, a biker jacket, white crew neck and a pair of chucks will do.

the hub fonz
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Jules Winnfield- Pulp Fiction
Perfect for an office worker, chuck on your daily suit, a black tie, add a wig, grab a fake gun and you're set!
the hub pulp

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All Black Everything
Simple but effective, a cheap mask from a fancy dress shop is the main feature of this outfit, add an all black outfit and you're good to go.

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