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Joy to the world, the season of giving is upon us! To celebrate, the team here at, have devised and incredibly cunning scheme to give you — our lovely customers— a cornucopia of delightful December treats every day leading up to Christmas day. We have devised 24 thrilling surprises, ranging from gifts and giveaways to discounts and offers that will have you cackling at your screen with mad glee. After all — we don’t need to see Santa’s documentation to know that you folks made it into the Nice List.

So how can you find the advent calendar, and better still, how does it work? Allow us to explain…

First thing’s first, you’ll need to sign into your account. Now that’s done, you can head on over to the Advent Calendar on our site and click on the day of the month to see what lies behind the door.  By now the anticipation will be killing you, so we would recommend stopping here for a cup of tea before unveiling your gift.

If it’s a prize draw you’ve uncovered, just click the ‘enter’ button to submit your name — we’ll pick a winner at the end of the day and email them to share the good news. Unfortunately, as there is a new prize every day, you only get 24 hours to enter.  We think the time limit makes it more exciting, like Mission Impossible. Those that snooze will lose (until the next day, when you can have a brand new prize, and then you win).

If you’ve uncovered a discount code or offer, you’ll have a whopping 30 days to use it. The only catch here is that you’ll need to be logged in to use your code. If you’ve got some Christmas print you’re thinking of ordering, perhaps we have an offer behind one of the doors that will tickle your fancy?

If you enjoy torturing yourself, you can even click back to previous days to see what you missed out on, but we wouldn’t recommend that (we know how good the prizes are).

If we’ve managed to pique your curiosity, you can find the advent calendar on our site here. Unlike Grandma and Grandpa, we won’t expect a thank you card; this one’s totally on us!

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