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Fabric of the Week


Eclipse Curtain Fabric CharcoalThe spring colour explosion that is evident this season and the riotous mixture of patterns and textures (geometrics in particular) may be versatile and exciting, but not necessarily to everyones’ liking.



If you are among the colour cautious, however, geometrics can still create an instant, visual, focus in any room in striking monochrome, if you prefer to play it safe.


In fact, in direct contrast to the undeniable colour explosion of the season, a black and white palette is very new and very now for Spring2014.

Black and white has always been a classic combination and it can make a strong impression in the home and is especially effective with pops of the season’s neon shades or with yellow or gold, as accents, to warm the look.


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Product of the Week


Roald Dahl's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Duvet Set Multi 

Roald Dahl’s stories have been a great way for children to escape into a colourful world of make believe for years.

Complete the adventure with one of the new Bedding collections available from Terrys Fabrics. With the fabulous Quentin Blake’s drawing depicting parts of the famous Charlie and the Chocolate factory and finished with quotes from the book, this bedding is going to ensure a sweet night’s sleep!

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