Tendea.co.uk: up to 50% for every sale in the tuition category

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Dear affiliates,

School certificates -  this day can be horrible for pupils and for parents as well.
Bad marks - It doesn't have to be the case.Tendea.co.uk finds a remedy and you earn money!

We offer you a higher commission on every sale made in the tuition category from 15 february to 15 march 2012.

1 - 5 sales: 30% per Sale
6 -14 sales: 40% per Sale
>15 sales: 50% per Sale

The bonus amount will be credited to the affiliates after march 15th.Please keep in mind that the higher payout is only valid for the sales in the tuition category.

Use our click-strong banners for the promotion and profit from the higher commission now!

Good luck!

Your Tendea.co.uk affiliate-team

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