Tendea.co.uk: Extra-bonus for every lead!

Written by Marianne on . Posted in Programme Launches

Welcome to 2012! All the best in New Year!

January and February are the peak months for Tendea.co.uk and we want you to benefit from particularly strong conversion rates.

Here comes our New Year Leads Bonus:

Every lead generated in the period from 16 January 2012 to 29 February 2012 will be remunerated with additional £1 on TOP!
The bonus amount will be credited to the affiliates after February 29th.

Important conditions:

1. It is not allowed to promote the registration at Tendea.co.uk at first place. Therefor please do not use the promotion like "Register now", promote as follows: Find your babysitter on tendea.co.uk now!
2. Fake-Leads will be cancelled and no bonus will be paid out.
3. Paidmail and cashback partner are not allowed to particpate in the bonus programme, as there is generally no payout for leads generated by these sites.

Profit from the bonus opportunity now!