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TasterLab Launches their Affiliate Window Program!

TasterLab are pleased to announce the launch of their new Affiliate Program exclusively on Affiliate Window. You can sign up to the program right now!

What is TasterLab?

TasterLab was founded with one simple idea: to make it as easy as possible for people to try something new and discover what they love doing. Cities all over the world are bursting with amazing things to do, but ironically with so much going on it can be difficult to escape the 9-5 routine and know what to do! TasterLab aims to fix this conundrum by offering discounted tasters of experiences, expert advice and feedback from other Tasterers in the Lab, so that it’s as easy as possible for people to take the first step and discover new hobbies and passions.

TasterLab works by distributing the lowest cost samples or 'tasters' (up to 100% off), by distributing online e-vouchers to be redeemed with quality, local service providers, allowing users to easily try multiple activities to help them work out what they enjoy doing. Additionally, TasterLab offers expert guides for each hobby it promotes as well as user reviews from other tasterers in the Lab. After the initial trial TasterLab helps users keep going with their chosen activity and make new discoveries by offering follow on deals, allowing further earning potential for affiliates.

TasterLab is not a daily deal site and the deals promoted have been structured with the merchant so that they can run for a long period of time. TasterLab works with quality, small businesses (currently in the London area) to provide heavily-discounted taster classes for an eclectic mix of experiences - everything from capoeira to French lessons to kitesurfing.

TasterLab launched the existing website in November 2011. It partners with some of the worlds best brands and recently won InnoTech 2012 for the most promising UK start-up. It aims to offer the most competitive route to customer acquisition for local service businesses, specialising in hobby activities, working in partnership to aid growth in a controlled and sustainable way.

Why join the TasterLab affiliate program?

- Commissions of up to 12%
- 30 day cookie period (benefit from all the upsells)
- 350 live offers and counting in the London based area.
- Online offers that can be promoted and redeemed anywhere in the world.
- Select national deals.
- More cities to feature local deals planned early 2013.

Also, if you’d like to promote our free deals or help us get new signups to the site, we’re happy to discuss a rate per signup or per free taster request for the right partners – we don’t work with opt in email lists.


Additional Launch Promo!!

Sign up today and you’ll also benefit from our launch promo:  an additional 2% for the first 2 weeks you’re in the program, that’s up to a 14% revenue share in total for the first 14 days you are active!


Sign up to the TasterLab affiliate program today!