Take A Look Inside The Colour Box From toucanBox

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Take A Look Inside The Colour Box From toucanBox

Take a peek inside one of our popular boxes - colour box. You'll get to experience some of the key components of this box and get an idea of the kind of things your child will be able to create. Read on to find out what else is inside, or click here to go to the website.

Colour Spinner:-

Investigate how the human eyes respond to colour and pattern by creating your own tabletop spinner. Use your pattern guidelines to mix together a series of different colours, give your spinner a twirl and explore what happens to the colours. How does the image change? How could your eyes possibly be seeing colours that aren't actually there?

Stained Glass Windows:-

Stained glass windows create stunning sights by utilising the sun to shine through coloured glass. Design your own stained glass picture using different colours of tissue paper. Cut them into shapes, create a unique design and then hang it in front of a window. Wait patiently for the sun to shine through, and see what happens to the colours!

Coloured Glasses:-

Make a set of glasses that, instead of clear lenses, feature different colours of cellophane. Watch carefully as you observe objects, placing your glasses in front of your eyes and away again. Build another set, using another different colour, and explore the world in the same way. Then see what happens as you place one on top of the other. How do the colours mix in light and dark rooms?

Tie-Dye Bunting:-

Tie-Dye's groovy roots back in the 1960s experimented with dying clothes with vivid and bright colours, while materials were twisted, tied or contorted. The simple technique gave way to some of the most iconic design patterns ever. Using powdered drink sachets, create your own inventive designs on silk, then hang them up as some far-out bunting!

Book: Mosaics:-

Mosaics are noted as one of the oldest art forms; a fascinating combination of colour and shape to create stunning images. Explore how you can create your own mosaics, using reusable stickers experiment with different designs, creating your own or bringing colourless drawings to colourful life!


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