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Woop Car Insurance Launches on AWIN - Young Driver Car Insurance

Written by Ben Denby on . Posted in Programme Launches

I am very pleased to announce that Woop Car Insurance have collaborated with AWIN to bring specialist young driver car insurance to their network

Woop Car Insurance is made for young and new drivers, using black box technology to offer cheaper premiums.

Every customer is required to have a black box, Tom Tom telematics device fitted, which we call a 'Woop Buddy' and this must be installed within 14 days of the policy starting. The black box technology allows us to track the vehicle and to monitor the customers driving. The results of the monitoring will directly influence their renewal premium, so the better and safer they drive, the cheaper their renewal premium will be.

The Woop Buddy also informs us of any incidents and impacts with the vehicle meaning we can immediately contact the young driver to make sure that they are OK and start to manage the claim for them. Provided we can talk to the young driver immediately and therefore manage the claim, we offer a reduced excess. We have a 24hr claims notification team to support this.

Our target audience is new and young drivers, predominantly these will be aged between 17 and 25.

This programme offers a £ amount for each policy sold that meet the following criteria:

Online Sale which was tracked through AWIN tracking

Policy must still be live after 30 days

'Woop Buddy' is fitted to the vehicle