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Hyperoptic and Westminster City Council can help upgrade your Business Broadband for free

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Westminster City Council will help fund an upgrade to your broadband so your business can enjoy faster, better and cheaper Business Fibre Broadband

Hyperoptic is working with Westminster City Council to upgrade broadband connections for small to medium size enterprises in the area.

Connect Westminster scheme means you’re eligible for £2,000 to cover the cost of installation of your own Business Fibre Broadband connection.

The offer will be available until the end of December 2017.
Claim your free connection voucher worth £2,000

Hyperoptic’s Business Fibre Broadband connects direct to your office building bypassing old-copper phones lines which can dramatically reduce the speeds you get an cause frustrating drops in service. Hyperoptic’s full fibre technology means your connection stays fast, whatever your business is doing, whatever the time of day, and however many people are connected.

Features and Benefits:

Whichever broadband provider you’re with, they’re probably overcharging or underserving you. Most providers rely on old copper phone wires to deliver broadband, this causes the frustrating drops in service and speed that you and your employees experience.

The solution, however, is in your hands. Unlike other providers, Hyperoptic deliver ultrafast fibre direct to your business, not the street cabinet. Hyperoptic business broadband can increase the productivity of your business by providing a full fibre connection. Our business broadband is also backed by stringent Service Level Agreements to guarantee your connection stays on, and stays fast.

  • Connect multiple devices
  • Transfer large files quickly with symmetrical upload speeds
  • Run 100 conference calls simultaneously, without any slow-down
  • 100% Target Service Availability
  • 24/7 real-time network monitoring and business support

100Mb Business Broadband £40 a month (before £80), 12 months contract applies
1Gb Business Broadband £125 a month (before £250), 12 months contract applies

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