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England: Three Lions

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With England's Lionesses ready to walk out at Wembley in the EURO final this Sunday and the men's team just 115 days away from beginning their World Cup adventure in Qatar, it's a good time to feel proud of the England national football teams.

As you've probably seen on the TV, the demand and popularity of the classic retro shirt from yesteryear in the stands can be seen in abundance. The old school replicas are out selling the current shirt as they provide much better value for money at just half the price whilst lasting the test of time unlike the current shirts which become redundant within a matter of months.

3Retro Football has the biggest collection of officially licenced England retro shirts and jackets which include classic styles from the 60's to the 00's including the NEW 1970 and 1986 World Cup collections. You can also purchase the shirts with your favourite player on the back! Check out the full England collection here

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It's coming home!