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BUTCHER'S BOX - APRIL - 100 PIECE - £49.99

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RRP £112.68
SAVE £62.69
ONLY £49.99
£5.20 per kg

Each month we put together a Butcher’s Box full of carefully selected treats, looking at the essential products delicately blended with a mix of speciality products. No codes or catches – just the same products you buy every month, expertly butchered, fresh to order, just at an extra special price!

Combination of grass-fed 21-day matured Award Winning Sirloin Steaks, delicious and succulent Ribeye Steaks, an Award Winning Whole Corn-Fed Chicken, 2.5kg Large Chicken Breast Fillets, Pork Chipolatas, 2.27kg of Unsmoked Bacon, and some tasty Barbary Duck Legs.


Save Over 50%
Award winning products
Over 100 Pieces in the box
9kg+ of fresh meat products
Butchered and prepared to order
Chilled delivery
Shipped to your door
Trusted by independent reviews
Over 5000 five star reviews in Trust Pilot
Taste Guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied we'll give you your money back!
Great eating, made easy
Our insulated packaging keeps food protected and chilled for up to 72 hours, ensuring that when it arrives at your doorstep it was like it had never left the fridge.

Hurry, we have limited stock of this stunning hamper - don't forget to tell your friends and family and stock up their freezers for April. This box includes:

2 x 6-7oz British Ribeye Steaks
2 x 6-7oz Irish Sirloin Steaks
1.2kg Whole Corn Fed Chicken
2 x 10-12oz Barbary Duck Legs
2.5kg Large Chicken Breast Fillets
2.27kg Rindless Unsmoked Bacon
400g Matured Irish Steak Mince
12 x 30g Beef Meatballs
16 x British Pork Chipolatas
4 x 6oz Rind On Gammon Steaks
PLUS FREE: 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Up To 55% Off on Meat and Offers from Westin Gourmet

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Please Find Westin Gourmets Weekly Offers for this week, valid untill 23/04/2016 ONLY

10 x Irish Fillets - Steak Lovers' Hamper
£27.46 per kg
RRP £78.95
SAVE £39.96

Get 10 x Irish fillet steak in this great promotional deal - this is your chance to sample delicious grass-fed Irish beef that has been cut from the tenderloin and matured for 21-days to create melt-in-your-mouth steaks that are not to be missed!

5 x 7-8oz Chicken Supremes 1kg
£6.99 per kg
RRP £11.99
SAVE £5.00

With the bone in the fillet these chicken Supremes will be tender moist and full of nutritious flavour. The skin on will add extra taste to this succulent product - so all in all some very tasty and juicy chicken!


Meat for a Week Hamper - 36 Item
£4.26 per kg
RRP £47.81
SAVE £27.82

In our Meat for a week hamper you get Westin Gourmet's finest cuts of fully traceable, fresh, gourmet meat from farms where animal welfare is paramount. Included in our Meat for a week hamper is • 2 x 6-7oz 28 Day Matured Irish Pave Steaks • 1kg+ Super Succulent Whole Fresh Chicken • 400g EXTRA Lean Beef Mince • 4 x 4oz British Steak Burgers • 12 x 30g Juicy Beef Meatballs • 6 x British Pork & Leek Sausages • 350g Rindless Unsmoked Bacon.


4 x 114g BBQ British Pork Belly Slices
£6.56 per kg
RRP £5.99
SAVE £3.00

Award winning pork from a farm where pigs have enjoyed healthy outdoor lifestyle; the BBQ marinade adds extra flavour to already delicious belly slices


Extra Lean British Beef Mince 400g
£5.98 per kg
RRP £3.99
SAVE £1.60

This is undoubtedly the leanest mince you will find - ideal if you're watching your weight or just want to moderate your fat intake without compromising taste.


2 x 8-9oz Fresh, Smoked Haddock
£15.40 per kg
RRP £12.99
SAVE £6.00

This smoky , flaky haddock conjures memories of childhood meals: classic fish pies, kedgeree and fish cakes - there's no missing its distinctive and hearty flavour.


400g Diced Turkey Breast
£7.48 per kg
RRP £4.99
SAVE £2.00
Freshly prepared by our classically trained butchers, our Diced Turkey Breast is second to none. It's a super lean meat to enrich your healthy meals.
2.27kg Rindless Unsmoked Back Bacon
£4.40 per kg
RRP £17.99
SAVE £8.00

Free from rind and excess fat, our Unsmoked Rindless Bacon is ideal for anyone looking for a healthy option to their favourite breakfast treat.



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