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April Butchers Box - 101 Piece - Selling Fast Great Offer

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Just Launched April's Butchers Box and it is selling really well details and link below, 101 pice box for ~£49.99 - Great opportunity to earn some commission

RRP £101.58
SAVE £51.59
ONLY £49.99
£5.20 per kg

Each month we put together a Butcher’s Box full of carefully selected treats, looking at the essential products delicately blended with a mix of speciality products. No codes or catches – just the same products you buy every month, expertly butchered, fresh to order, just at an extra special price!

Aril is no different, it includes a combination of grass-fed 21-day matured Award Winning Sirloin Steaks, delicious and succulent Ribeye Steaks, an Award Winning Whole Corn-Fed Chicken, 2.5kg Large Chicken Breast Fillets, Pork Chipolatas, 2.27kg of Unsmoked Bacon, and some tasty Barbary Duck Legs.

Hurry, we have limited stock of this stunning hamper - don't forget to tell your friends and family and stock up their freezers for April. This box includes:

2 x 6-7oz British Ribeye Steaks
2 x 6-7oz Irish Sirloin Steaks
1.2kg Whole Corn Fed Chicken
2 x 10-12oz Barbary Duck Legs
2.5kg Large Chicken Breast Fillets
2.27kg Rindless Unsmoked Bacon
400g Matured Irish Steak Mince
12 x 30g Beef Meatballs
16 x British Pork Chipolatas
4 x 6oz Rind On Gammon Steaks
PLUS FREE: 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!!id!!!&clickref=&

60% Off - Weekly Special Offers from Western Gourmet

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Some amazing Christmas and seasonal deals this week to really help drive your sales!!!id!!!&clickref=&

2kg Unsmoked Easy Carved Gammon Joint
60% Off
10-12 Servings
Normally: £29.99
This Week: £11.99

454g Fresh British Sausage Meat
50% Off
6-8 Servings
Normally: £4.99
This Week: £2.49

1.5kg Stuffed Turkey Roast
40% Off
6 - 8 servings
Normally: £39.99
This Week: £23.99

British Lamb Shanks
30% Off
2 Servings
Normally: £8.32
This Week: £5.82

250g Duck & Orange Terrine
40% Off
12 Servings
Normally: £3.99
This Week: £2.39

Brookfield Farm Veal Osso Bucco 300g
30% Off
2 Servings
Normally: £6.53
This Week: £4.57

Save up to 50% - Weekly Specials from Westin Gourmet

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Our weekly specials deal alway give you a chance to sell through on these popular promotions:-

Weekly Specials!!!id!!!&clickref=&


850g+ Fresh Haunch Joint of Wild Venison

  • 5-6 servings
  • Overall Weight:0.85kg
  • Normal Price:£34.99
  • Today's Price:£17.50
  • Save 50%!!!id!!!&clickref=&


2kg Frozen Whole Roast Duck

  • 3-4 servings
  • Overall Weight:2.20kg
  • Normal Price:£15.99
  • Today's Price:£8.00
  • Save 50%!!!id!!!&clickref=&


900g+ Breaded Pork Loin Joint

  • 9-10 Servings
  • Overall Weight:0.90kg
  • Normal Price:£24.99
  • Today's Price:£12.50
  • Save 50%!!!id!!!&clickref=&


6 x Pork & Caramelised Onions Sausages

  • 3 Servings
  • Overall Weight:0.45kg
  • Normal Price:£3.88
  • Today's Price:£2.33
  • Save 40%!!!id!!!&clickref=&


2.5kg - Chicken Breast Fillets (10 x 250g large fillets)

  • 10 Servings
  • Overall Weight:2.50kg
  • Normal Price:£18.47
  • Today's Price:£13.50
  • Save 26%!!!id!!!&clickref=&