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Brand power: How to use product labels to get ahead

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Time for a show of hands— how many of you have stood in a shop, torn between two products, and eventually chosen the one with the better looking label? My guess is that the majority of you went for the product which looked better, it’s persuasive copy and attractive design gave the impression that the product was every bit as good as it looked. I’d like to say that it’s not all about looks…but sometimes it is. We’re here to help you get the most out of yourlabels, from label paper to design and printing, get it right a see the effects yourself!

 Product labels

Why labels?

If you are a business that works hard to create or source products which are the best of the best, you owe it to yourself to make sure that your labels communicate this. At the end of day, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and getting your customer to take that first bite is tricky!

If you buy your products in and re-brand them, printing and designing your own product labels are an essential part of making that product recognisable as one of your own. Re-branding or branding your stuff will help customers create the link that is synonymous with you.  If you make all your stuff yourself or at home, creating original product labels is a no-brainer.  You’ve busted your buns to make something unique, original and from the heart, so it makes sense that you’d want to shout about it and plaster your branding all over it.

 Product label ideas

What your label paper says about you

Design isn’t just about the colours and font on your label, but also about the kind of label paper you use and the size and shape. Here at, you can choose from white or silver gloss label paper, white polyester or antique white laid. Before you make a choice, think long and hard about the kind of product you’re selling and how it will be used.

If you’ve got cosmetics, soaps or food products, polyester labels would be ideal— they’re waterproof, tear resistant and incredibly strong, ideal for products which are likely to get wet, scuffed in a makeup bag or attached to plastic wrapping. If you have a luxury food or wine product, antique white laid label paper is great for giving that high end look with a resilient finish. Silver gloss is also waterproof and creates a metallic sheen that you’d expect from something a little bit special.

You’ll also need to think about what the finish on the label papers will do to your designs. Gloss finishes on your labels will give a really bright, slick, strong look to printed colours and uncoated papers like our own antique laid will give a more understated, retro look. You can use the type of label paper to really add to your designs and give your product the kind of finish that you feel your customers would expect from you.


Product label ideas
Getting the design right

First things first, get your logo out and take a long, hard look at it. This is going to need to sit on your product label, so it’s no use choosing a load of colours which clash with it. Whether you have a website or store front, you will have worked with a specific colour palette to create the look of your branding, so stick with these. If you are going to deviate to another colour, make sure that your font is the same or your customers won’t recognise the product as being yours.

Part of having really strong branding is to stay consistent, once you’ve finalised a design, stick with it! You want people to see your packaging and immediately think of you, so you have to be 100% happy with the finished article. Once you’ve finished your design it’s worth showing it around to a few people, what looks like a great soap label design to you might look like something completely different to someone else. Get feedback while you can still make changes, a fresh perspective is a valuable thing.


From product labels to the great beyond…

When you’re planning to get your brand into everyone’s homes, product labels and logos are only the first step. Once you’ve nailed your design, fonts and colours, you can try printing up a set of labels for everything which goes out; neat,round labels for branded envelopes, stationery and compliment slips, and address labels for your correspondence and posted packages. Your brand can become instantly recognisable, and it all starts with a product label.