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Shape. Tone. Burn. The future of shapewear has arrived!

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A new innovation in shapewear: Leading shapewear brand ShaToBu have relaunched their Get Fit range… check out the five key shapewear solutions at!

New ShaToBu

ShaToBu have relaunched their innovative range of shapewear with unique resistance band technology, and not only will the products give you a sleeker silhouette, they can also help you to SHape up, TOne your body and BUrn more calories. Extensive research from the University of Virginia Curry School of Education has shown that simply wearing ShaToBu shapewear during your usual daily routine can burn up to 12% more calories without any extra exercise!


There are five products available meaning there is a piece for every outfit and every occasion. As well as three varieties of tights (regular, high waist and footless) there are regular and high waist to mid thigh shapers too. The range means that whether you’re self conscious about your bottom, legs, waist or hips, you can get an instantly slimmer figure with shapewear that over time will also help to give you a leaner, more toned body, with no extra effort.

Check out the entire range of ShaToBu products and get the body you’ve always dreamt of… today!!!

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