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COVID-19 Protection Products

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Social distancing safety for workplaces

We are continually updating our dedicated safety shop with specific social distancing and preventative equipment. Products are designed for workplaces requiring contact with the public and social distancing between employees, such as warehouses, production lines and shops.!!!id!!!&

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Proviz – Unique Light-emitting Sportswear and Accessories Launches on Affiliate Window

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Proviz provides the ultimate range of totally unique light-emitting sportswear and accessories to keep all road users safe. The founders of Proviz designed the products as a result of their own experiences and having too many accidents while cycling in London, especially at night. It’s that simple!
The rapidly growing Cycling market is where it all started, with only 4 products, 4 years ago. Proviz is now up to over 50 products. We have grown at a rapid rate as we track the ever-increasing growth in the cycling market. In the past year we have expanded in to the running, horse-riding, motor-cycling and parent/child markets where there is an obvious cross-over with our products and the need and desire to be highly visible on the roads is equally as strong.
Why is Proviz unique?
From an idea 4 years ago, the founders of Proviz have designed their own products that can not be found anywhere else in the world. The new light-emitting Triviz pack (click link for video demo - ) has recently been described as ‘ingenious’ by one high profile cycling magazine following review.

The incredibly bright electric-blue light (and soon to be launched red version) emitted by the system helps to ensure all road-users can be clearly visible by drivers of vehicles and are therefore safer on the roads as they ‘stick out’ above the sea of lights on the roads at night.

Proviz cater for multiple markets including cyclists, runners, horse-riders, motor-cyclists and parent/child. The aim is to ensure our innovative hi-tech systems keep everyone safe and visible at day and night, and ultimately reduce accidents and save lives.

Proviz USP:

1) Light-emitting electroluminescent light pack – Triviz.  Ensuring visibility, always!

2) Only brand to focus on being the ‘go to’ brand for high visibility and road safety for all users

3) Huge range of products across multiple markets


Why join our Programme?

• 10% commission on every sale for first month for all affilliates

• Standard rate of 8% commission on every sale following for two months following

• Special exclusive rates can be negotiated for top performers

• 45 day cookie period

• Constantly refreshed creative

• Multiple competitions

• Regular incentives and discount codes

• Totally committed back-up team here at Proviz

Christmas 10% discount code 'Christmas10' valid now until Christmas.
Contact details:


Telephone: 01534 854645 / 07797 739442


Proviz Nightrider Triviz Light Pack Demonstration.

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FlyontheWall Home Security and Surveillance Gadgets - Increased Commissions!

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Security and surveillance specialists FlyontheWall (program 3888) are offering increased commissions this February - affiliates will earn 15% commission per sale (usually 10%) until the end of the month!

With an average order value of around £180, this incentive could really boost your earnings - Join the program now

Best sellers for this month are expected to be FlyontheWall's great range of wildlife cameras and motion detectors, which start from just £149.99 and are ideal buys wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. They are also popular with customers wanting to guard against crimes such as vandalism and burglary, making their property more secure.

There is also a generous voucher code - 10JDS - which gives an extra 10% discount on purchases (expires 31st March 2012).

About Fly on the Wall

FlyontheWall offer products which are competitively priced and easy to install and use with comprehensive after-sales support resulting in happy customers! The full product range (available as a feed to to download) includes CCTV packages, spy cameras, wildlife cameras, night vision and low light cameras, wireless security cameras, in-car surveillance and listening devices, as well as a fantastic range of spy gadgets and gifts.

The Fly on the Wall affiliate program is managed by Karen Clayton at Azam Marketing. Please email karen [at] if you have any questions or feedback!

Sign up to the program here: