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The Blue Jean Was Born (again) - New in Levi's

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"May 20, 1873 marked an historic day: the birth of the blue jean. It was on that day that Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained a U.S. patent on the process of putting rivets in men's work pants for the very first time" (levistrauss, 2018) - From here they have grown to black jeans, white jeans, all colours of jeans and now the Idle Man continues to showcase this original jean invention.
The Idle Man have just launched some of the newest Levi stock to dress our customers from top to toe, in the Levi jeans, jumpers and tees.

Levi's -511 Slim Fit Bibby Jean Blue - £45.00


Levi - Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket Blue - £110.00


Levi's - Ringer Sportswear T-Shirt White - £25.00


Levi's - Sportswear Track Jacket Blue - £65.00


Levi's - 502 Regular Taper Nightshine Jean Black - £80.00


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ETO Jeans new shorts and tops for the warmer seasons

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Our new shorts and tops are stylish, edgy and colourful pieces for you to enjoy in the sun.

Warmer days are here and one thing is definitely happening: men all over are obsessing with the next pair of shorts that will allow them to show off their beautiful legs; This usually means two things, they are either raiding their wardrobe in hopes of finding an item that fits this year's trends or they're looking at every shop display/website in hopes of finding that perfect pair of shorts.

If you identify with the second option or just want to get a new pair of shorts, our new arrivals might give you the inspiration you were looking for.

This week, we feature some new products that just got here and we would love your opinion on them. Get rid of all your old shorts, come to our website and start shopping today!


EMS601 LSW - £34.99


EMS601 BLUE ACID - £34.99


Jeans are easy but cut short, denim is risky business. Too far below the knee, and you’re wearing what could be misconstrued as pedal pushers, but opt for a pair that’s too short and suddenly you’re a 1990s Playgirl cover.

Since neither situation is particularly desirable, look for the ideal in-between. What’s that? A pair that’s cut slim, but not skinny, and which ends a couple of inches above your knee. Oh, and hold the rips. (Unless your life is one very long, very weird Take That throwback-themed party.) -

As the fashion blog FashionBeans mentions, men need to be careful when planning their outfits with denim shorts as they don't want to look like they didn't make an effort/they just got back from the beach 5 minutes ago. These stylish shorts have cut and sewed details ripped and repaired features for added style and come in two different washes.

At ETO, the shorts are designed to make people look as trendy as possible and this season's options are no different. These stylish shorts have cut and sewed details ripped and repaired features for added style and come in two different washes.

The shorts that just arrived have cut and sewed details ripped and repaired features for added style and come in two different washes.

They are available from our website for only £34.99.




ETS539 BLUE - £24.99



EPL527 White - £24.99

Short sleeved tops are essential during spring/summer time and it's always a good idea to invest in breathable, loose materials without having to compromise on looks and style.

Our tops are made with premium materials that allow you to be comfortably stylish all day. They feature branding details and come in different colours/ versions (t-shirt or polo).

Both tops are available at our website for the price of £24.99.